We believe in putting fresh ingredients to recipes: Sanjay Patti, Hyatt Regency

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In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Sanjay Patti, F&B Director, Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, shares Hyatt\'s sustainability initiatives to stand different from the crowd:
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What made you choose a career in F&B (Food & Beverages) Industry and how has your career evolved through the years?

In 1994, career options like Engineering, Medical or Hotel Management were thriving. And, I found that tourism industry was booming at that point of time in the country. Hence, I realised that hotel schools will be the fastest growing industry in India.

What are your roles and responsibilities as an F&B Director?

As an F&B Director, I am responsible for all the F&B outlets like bars and events space to be running in profits without compromising on Hyatt’s standards. The guests and the customers should be delivered the same experience as promised by us.

What is Hyatt’s some of the sustainability initiatives?

As a company, we have a strong protocol of sustainability. We have taken a lot of initiatives to sustain the environment. One such initiative is the Shark fish initiative. Since it is an endangered species, we have eliminated the shark fish dishes from our menu all over Asia. Beside this, we work very closely with the suppliers where we know the source, especially of the sea food.

What is the supply chain management process in your hotel?

We basically develop supplier for ourselves. First, we make a list of the things that we need and get in touch with a couple of suppliers to get a sense of what actually they deal with and then, we give our specification to the suppliers. We would then visit their facility, whether it is their farm or manufacturing unit and try and assist them in some best practices from our end. We would nurture this as a talent and then fix on the supplier

What are the different cuisines served at Hyatt, Gurgaon?

In Indian, we do a lot of Awadhi foods as we have an Awadhi speciality restaurant. Meanwhile, we also serve Asian, Western and North Indian food.

What menu tweaks you are applying at Hyatt to deliver best to the customers?

We believe in putting only the best and fresh ingredients to any our recipes. We do not tweak the menu, but try to bring the authenticity to the table. The only USP that we follow is cook food from the best ingredients in the correct cooking method. The only place where we tweak the menu is the designing of the menu.

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We believe in putting fresh ingredients: Hyatt Regency
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