We are planning to open 5-40 outlets per brand: JSM

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Jay Singh, Founder and Joint MD, JSM Corporations and the man behind introducing the first franchisee restaurant in India, talks to Restaurant India sharing his experience working for different F&B formats.
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JSM has a wide range of formats, including bar, lounge, QSR, casual and the award winning restaurants in its portfolio. Which according to you is the ongoing restaurant trend in the country?

India is diverse in its nature. Cities like Mumbai have several micro-markets that trade quite differently from one another. So, it is difficult to define a broad trend for India as a whole.  However, eating out is one trend benefitting all restaurants in the industry. Gradually, it is becoming a necessity as opposed to a special occasion.

You have introduced foreign chains like Hard Rock Cafe in Indian portfolio. What all legal parameters you have to go through to start a bar-cum-restaurant in India?

Today, the rules have changed and most franchise agreements do not require any special permission. Being the local partner, the master franchisees are responsible for getting all the licenses done, including the food regulation, the bar licenses and other licenses in queue.

You are master franchisee for California Pizza kitchen in India, what is the reason that foreign brands are choosing master franchisee when extending beyond their geographical area?

There are various possible reasons that are making foreign brands to enter India. The major reasons are – growth in their traditional markets is slowing, they are in search for the next big market to place their brand and franchising is a risk free approach in distant markets.

What are your expansion plans for your different brands in the country?

Over the time, we are trying to generate minimum Rs 100 crore top lines. Depending on each of the brand, we are planning to target 5-40 outlets per brand. 

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We are planning to open 5-40 outlets per brand: JSM
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