We are in discussion with investors: Zu Tisch

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In an interaction with Restaurant India, Pulkit Khurana, one of the partners, Zu Tisch, shares what encouraged him and his partners to start a restro-bar with a German theme.
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We see a good number of restaurants been launched in the last two years. What has brought this trend in the Indian F&B industry?

The trend is linked to multiple factors, like growing Indian economy, global outlook adoption of Indians due to increased foreign travel in the last few years with high disposable income among youth. People are now more pro-active in social gatherings over a business discussion or just catching up with friends.

Zu Tisch’s team are alumni of IIT and IIMs. What got you started in this venture?

Our technical background and managerial experience only adds to the advantage of us being more in sync with a corporate outlook in running and growing the business. Our motivation, on the other hand, has been to feed the insatiable need that is not very uncommon among IITians – which is to learn new things, take risks and innovate.

Besides, the love for good food and the known fact that there is so much innovation possible in this industry, we felt compelled to start a place of our own, that could someday be a benchmark for service, food and the overall experience for customers.

What kind of tie-up and revenue sharing arrangement you have among your partners?

That information is privy only to potential investors and our financial partners through non-disclosure agreement and we cannot comment on that publicly.

What made you to start a German restro-bar? How do you ensure quality?

German people are one of the most chilled out people in the world and this could be observed across German bistros and bars. We wanted to build a place exactly like that. Beer is the first thing that you would associate with Germany and the love for beer is overwhelming in India as well. Hence, a mix of these factors attracted us to choose this theme. Also, there are not many places in Delhi that offer you a German cuisine or experience.

To ensure quality of raw material, we have partnered with some of the best meat providers who also import some of the items for us. Our kitchen works on high quality ensuring mechanisms and special attention to hygiene. Our staff is highly trained and share the ideology that quality cannot be compromised in any scenario.

You are currently present in Delhi; do you plan to enter other cities as well?

We are planning to enter other metro cities and also establish ourselves in some other parts of Delhi, as a part of our expansion plans. Some Tier II cities would also expect to have a Zu Tisch of their own in the coming years.

What is the investment so far? Who funded the same?

We cannot disclose investment information. The current venture is completely funded by Managing Partners out of their personal fund. Our venture does not has any third party financial liability.

How is your marketing strategy different from others in the race?

It is essentially not different from others at a macro level. At present, the idea is to let your food and service speak for itself. On a micro level, we do put in efforts to stand out.

We do AB testing on every strategy that we implement and measure business impact of every strategy. There are a lot of multiple small tactical plans in pipeline that we still need to try and measure.

We are striving to stand out and not blindly following others. One such example would be the introduction of phone driven services to order and pay and we have already tied up with entrepreneurs in that area.

You are also in talk with VCs, when can we see those investments happen?

Yes, we are into preliminary discussion with VCs currently. As said earlier, all those investments would be towards growing our footprint and reaching out to more taste buds everywhere.

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We are in discussion with investors: Zu Tisch
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