We are in advance talk to enter European and American market- Zorawar Kalra

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Zorawar Kalra, is the MD and Founder of Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd, which owns some of the fast growing restaurants in its bouquet- Farzi Cafe, Masala Library, PaPaYa.
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Over the years, Indian restaurants are eyeing global markets as the next potential market to grow their brand presence. Restaurateurs like Sanjeev Kapoor, Amit Burman, Zorawar Kalra nad Priyank Sukhija are eyeing markets like Dubai, Singapore, the UK and The US as their next location to be. In an exclusive conversation with Restaurant India, Kalra, who is all set to launch his modern Indian bistro- Farzi Café in Dubai shares an insight on the same.

What are the reasons that Indian brands are very keen on sharing opportunities in global markets?

There has been an explosion in the dining out culture, globally, due to numerous reasons – ease and affordability of international travel. The impact of Indian cuisine on the world can be seen with the presence of innumerable restaurants and dhaba’s serving varieties and versions of the cuisine in all the key culinary districts of the World, having unquestionable loyalty amongst its audience, some domestic to the market of operation and many of Indian origin who travels for business or leisure. In recent years, largely owing to globalization and a conducive international business environment, it has become easier for small business enterprises such as the F&B retail sector to set eyes on overseas expansion with us witnessing many indigenous concepts entering markets such as Middle and Far East, Europe and the American continent. Expanding to international shores, with business presence across locations not only gives connoisseurs of good food a true taste of India’s culinary legacy without having to wait for their travel to the country, but also enable restaurant business to operate in a more competitive environment, having to innovate while having instant access to international trends.

What are the legal hurdles faced in expansion?

The biggest challenge that we face is of finding the right partner who shares our vision and is in line with it.

How is the expansion look like at Massive Restaurants?

As you are aware, we are almost ready with the launch of the first international location for our multi-award winning and critically acclaimed Bistro – Farzi Café in Dubai. Alongside, we are working towards the domestic expansion of all our concepts within India with almost eight restaurants in the process of being launched across the geographic landscape of the country in the next 7 – 8 months time. We are also in advanced talks, exploring our expansion into the European and American markets for some of our brands, however it will be too premature for me to share anything on that till things aren’t more formalized.

How much is franchising helping in global expansion?

Most of our global expansion is planned through the partnership route, where we are exploring collaboration with companies who not just have extensive experience in the market of operation, but also share our vision. We work on a model of inclusive growth, where the partner owns the business, with Massive Restaurants (India) having complete management rights for each of the restaurants that we launch in the market.

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We are in advance talk to enter Europe and America- Zorawar
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