We are growing 200 per cent month on month- Ajay Modani

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In an interview to Restaurant India Ajay Modani, Co-Founder, Cookifi talks about their funding roundup and expansion plans.
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One of the most important things when you are planning a party at home be it a kids birthday, get together or day-to-day cooking, is food and there is a huge gap between high volume caterers and regular cooks. There was no right platform or source to hire professional chefs or cooks for such occasions. And, that’s the idea when founders at Cookifi came up with the idea to make chefs and cooks more accessible to book on demand, with the ease of a tap.

How many chefs are presently listed with you?

We have 25 active chefs on the platform. 80 per cent of the chefs are facilitating On Demand vertical and 20 per cent are contributing to Cookifi experience business. We are aiming to list more than 100 chefs on the platform in the coming quarter.

How difficult was it for you to get them on board?

Cookifi took about two months to on-board first chef on its platform. It was difficult to convince chefs of restaurants as there is complete lifestyle shift for them. As the working hours in restaurants and guest house spans from 6 am to 11 pm, people started showing willingness to join Cookifi. Now, they have increased their earnings by more than 100 percent with a complete freedom to work on their will.

How do you see the cook-on-demand market growing in India?

The market for Cook On-Demand is new for India and there are numerous use cases where this concept is must have for customers. The regular use cases such as guests/friends coming over to your place or the housewife is feeling lazy to cook today or a working professional is running late from office makes Cook On-Demand as the need of the hour.

What are the average orders that you get?

At present we are getting 30-35 orders per day and growing more than 200 per cent month on month. On demand customers book on an average 3 times in a month and experience customer book 2 times in 3 month. We have very high repeat of 40 per cent in every month.

Is there any revenue sharing between the chefs registered and you?

Cookifi act as a close market place and we have a revenue sharing model on every transaction.

What are the kinds of cuisines that your chefs are offering to the customers today?

We have chefs on board who can prepare wide variety of cuisines from Indian to Italian, Chinese, Thai and Continental. There are menus which are specific to occasions such as Kids Birthday celebration, house party for friends, formal dinners and much more. Cookifi keeps on adding cuisines and varieties every week to make a wow experience.

You recently raised funds. Where can we see those investments being used?

Investment will help Cookifi to expand its operations in other cities and extend its technology solution for better user experience. Cookifi aims to leverage technology to provide customization when it comes to house party chefs and menu planning. The cutting edge technology with advanced chef allocation algorithm (using variables such as spice preferences, cuisine preferences) allows customers to get what they want in minimum possible effort.

Going forward, what is your expansion plan?

Cookifi is planning to expand to other metros in next quarter for house party chef market and for on demand we want to expand to other area of Bengaluru.

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