"We are doing happening vibe with perfect mix of colours"

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In a telephonic conversation with Restaurant India, Parvesh Singh, Co-Founder- A Grill Company talks about the idea of launching a molecular grill restaurant.
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Restaurant India

The response

Our restaurant is doing well as location matters a lot and we have got the best location for our brand. We researched a lot before narrowing down to the it and luckily it turned out to be our best store. We realised molecular is new to Noida and people did not know much of it. We wanted to take it to a new level. We are the first one who raised the level of life there by collaborating with molecular food... it’s been almost a month and response is good. People are very happy with it. It’s new and we are working on social parties and corporate one and it is going in desired direction.

The idea

In the last one decade there has been a huge change in Indian food and beverages industry. In Indian psychology people make their own food when at home and for them eating outr has remain eating food similar to the home cooked food. But, with new trends and experience coming people are bored of eating ‘ghar ka khana’ and they want to try something new and not “ghar jesa khana”. The live thing makes them feel connected. In concepts like ours people generally spend an hour time at the restaurant so we have tried to bring the colour and vibrancy as you cannot make a customer sit for the time only for food. When we serve our customers we make sure we mix it up with molecular delicacy. We always look for something extra and we captured the gap and combined it with molecular gastronomy.

Serving Variety

We have covered all major regions and cuisines. Parsi, sindhi, rajasthani, avdhi, kerala, hyderabadi, we serve buffets which have some speciality. We include every famous dish of states from the buffet.

Bringing gastronomy in regional food

You will see most of the restaurants tried this with western food but when it comes to hardcore Indian dishes we have tried to reinvent the flavours that are locked in our taste buds that only we Indians carry. We like spicy and fried things. If you look at all delicacy, we put all things into our own delicacies.

Boasting on design

We did not want to do the traditional designs that most of the restaurants are taking up these days. We made sure that we do happening vibe and a perfect mix of colours and elements. I

Catering big

Our target audience is above 17 years for grills, and as we have done molecular couples have started pouring in. All age groups are welcome and target audience reach is high but basic focus is on 21-40.Last month we served 3500-3700 people catering to a mix clientele.

Expansion plan

We are going to target tier 1 and tier 2. We are opening our next outlet at Pacific mall followed by Mumbai airport. We have already signed up MBD mall Ludhiana, WPP Jaipur. These will be operational by this year only. 

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