Vegit Merino focuses customer satisfaction

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An interaction with Rajneesh Sharma, GM-Sales, Vegit
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
Restaurant India

Vegit is an agro-division of Merino industries and familiar name in the ready-to-cook food segment. Potato flakes and instant snack mixes are the popular food categories of the brand. They have recently launched ‘Pav Bhaji Mix’ along with its flagship product ‘Aloo Mash’ (Potato flakes).Vegit has a strong hold in hotel and restaurant segment. The brand has pan India retail presence with a network of 65 distributers across 18 cities. Rajneesh Sharma, GM-Sales, Vegit says, “Vegit has a brand recall in the ‘ready to cook’ food segment. As a unique strategy, we set up stalls in supermarkets and ask our consumers to taste our products and then buy”.

They set up the potato processing plant in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh in 2005 with the technology sourced from Netherlands and UK. Vegit gets retailed in both the traditional and modern retail formats and they say the major challenge lies in getting visibility for the product and seeing that consumer likes and buys the product. To overcome this challenge, they say they offer the sample tasting of the product so that customers can make purchase decision after having tasted. Ready to cook and eat market in the country stood at USD 13 billion in 2013 and is growing at a rapid pace year on year.



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