Top six places to have your favourite 'chai'

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In India, on an average approx 80 per cent of the people consume tea every year. And with the high demand of Chai and beverages, many Chai outlets are coming up nationwide.
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Chai is the largest consumed beverages in India especially at the roadside. In India, on an average approx 80 per cent of the people consume tea every year. And with the high demand of Chai and beverages, many Chai outlets are coming up nationwide. Here are few top corporate Chai brands:


Chaayos was born in November 2012, as a contemporary interpretation of the chai adda, serving freshly made chai. Its main focus is to serve you "Meri Wali Chai", a chai made exactly for the customers' liking the minute they place their order for instance be it an adrak, tulsi, kadak chai or a paani kam, elaichi, cinnamon chai.

“We are differentiated by the customization that we provide. Our chais are made fresh, when customer places order, with an option of choosing from up to 12 add-ons and variations of milk and sugar levels, resulting in a total of 12,000 ways to make your chai. It is this customization that led to our tagline "experiments with chai”. Our "Meri Wali Chai" inspires the kind of loyalty we get from customers. We are one of the only players that offers premium, customizable chais with a great ambience” shared Raghav Verma, Co-Founder, Chaayos.

Tea Trails

Tea Trails is the best place for those who love to have tea. This is the first Tea Cafés in India who has a curated range of the finest Teas and Eats. Tea Trails serves gourmet teas from around the world and has teas ranging from hot to cold and everyday to extravagant paired with great food. The cafe is an experience zones where people not only come to savour great teas and food but also to chat, meet or to work.

Tea Trails is a venture of Zone8 Tea World Pvt. Ltd. and founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs and professionals in 2012. They spent more than two years in R&D to handpick products suitable for the Indian palette and launched the first Tea Trails outlet in Mumbai in November 2013.

Chai Garam

Chai Garam is one of the oldest Chai companies and has been in the market since 2008. It is a tested concept with eight profitable running outlets and two million cups of tea sold. The idea is to set up a chain of chai cafes targeting the working population of the country with small outlets, low rentals, low prices, faster turnaround. Their speciality is that they sell 20 varieties of freshly brewed hand-made Tea without use of tea bags or vending machines along with cold beverages and snacks. We can operate in malls, universities, offices, airports, train stations etc.

“We are a budget cafe providing a value proposition. We cater to the daily refreshment requirements of our customers. Our customers visit us every day or multiple times a day as we offer convenience and value for money. Our USP is our Chai which we prepare fresh using fresh tea leaves and spices without use of any tea bags, vending machines or artificial flavouring. We have over 20 different varieties of tea. All our teas are our unique blends specially selected and prepared by our expert tea tasters” pointed Bhrigu Dutt, Director Eagle Peak Garam Chai Pvt Ltd.

Cha Bar

Cha Bar is determined to become a daily necessity for local Chaai addicts. It is a roadside approachable joint to meet friends, hold quick meetings, sit, relax and enjoy fresh gourmet chaai with deshi snacks and some gupshup. Their primary focus is to cater to this market and provide them with best brewed gourmet Chaai in the local area.

Chai Point

Chai point brings the best Chai that the land offers for the customers. It is sourced from exclusive estates and tea companies in Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri through a meticulous process. There special tea leaves are free of artificial colours and flavours as well as offers you a sip of good health each time you step into one of our stores.

Chai Thela

“We wanted to create a brand which must have a quick connect with customers. Also 90 per cent of tea in India is sold through road side thelas only. Therefore, we thought to come up with modernised (Hygienic and branded) version of a thela and hence, we named it Chai Thela. There are around 40 varieties of tea at our counter ranging from adrak chai, masala chai, dhaniya chai, green apple chai, mango chai, kashmiri kahwa etc, said Pankaj Judge Founder & CEO, Chai Thela.

Their main aim is to brew your fresh chai with the best of ingredients such as mineral water, sulphur less sugar, handpicked tea leaves, pasteurised toned milk and secret ingredient i.e. love. They also ensure that every chai which they make for you creates a new benchmark for hygiene through clean shaven beaming smiles, gloves, caps, aprons and uniform.

Therefore, this is a new traditional Chai which is serving different flavours of Chai with great taste. Additionally, Chai is healthy, fresh beverage with natural ingredients to suit the authentic taste.

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Top six places to have your favourite 'chai'
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