This resto-bar intends to cast away social stigmas

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The kitschy interiors exhibit a unique juxtaposition of a clandestine setting with a desi twist, perfectly resonating the notion of the bar.
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A unique avant-garde bar, CHULL aspires to create a destination where today’s youth can engage in conversation comfortably, sans judgmental looks and stares. CHULL is a trendsetter in the current crop of restaurants mushrooming in Delhi-NCR, introducing a bold shake-up concept away from the sector’s brewery infestation.

Daring to be bold and unconventional, the newly launched “CHULL” at the ever-burgeoning Sector 29, Gurgaon, is absolutely true to its name. Borrowed from the Delhi slang, the name of this unconventional resto -bar has been chosen to shun away the social taboos associated with sex in the society.

“CHULL does not intend to induce vulgarity into the culture; instead it wishes to inculcate the importance of safe sex amongst the youth through its quirky interiors, events, and communication. Today’s youth is educated, aware and modern in their outlook, which makes them extremely open to having a conversation on any topic that is still otherwise considered a taboo in society. With CHULL, we want to create that comfort zone, space where one can freely converse over some great food and drinks. Undoubtedly, it’s a bold step, but at the same time we felt that we, as a society needed to create such a space,” saysShubham Gupta, Owner and Managing Director, CHULL.

The kitschy interiors exhibit a unique juxtaposition of a clandestine setting with a desi twist, perfectly resonating the notion of the bar. The restaurant has been designed with an eccentric flair, complete with neon signs, luscious lip shaped couches and handcuffs dangling from the ceiling. With plenty of ‘read-between-the-lines’ and double meaning messaging, the purpose of this out-of-the-box concept is to dismiss the impediment associated with talking about social taboos in the open.

With such a bold concept, Chull extends to not only break the stigmas attached to sex but also works to create awareness about the importance of sex education and safe sex amongst the youth.

The nomenclature of the bar is the result of dedicated brain-storming sessions. With the name “CHULL”, the resto-bar not only becomes relatable with today’s youth but also syncs well with the fun, the crazy and intriguing theme of the resto-bar. The concept further gets a fillip with it's delicious and exhaustive menu that continues to deliver the perfect blend between quirkiness and comfort food.

The restaurant has introduced dishes that are comfortable on the palate, yet experimental on taste. With dishes like ‘Ande Shande Ka Roll’, ‘Maaldar Haryali’and ‘Jaali Chicken’ to name a few, the menu will surely bring a smile on every patron’s face! Besides satiating your taste buds, every dish on the menu will be a conversation starter on its own.

While the food menu tantalizes the taste buds, CHULL’s beverage menu isn’t far behind, with the potency to be treated as a course of its own. With innovations like ‘Ek Number’ (McDowells, jamun, egg white and sugar syrup), ‘Talab’ (an aamkaaachar frozen margarita) and ‘Palang Todd’ (A special alcohol mix topped with kalakhatta and red bull), a greater emphasis has been given to natural alcoholic infusions, highlighting the unique flavours of natural ingredients.

Pioneering a new trend in the F&B industry with a space that departs from the city’s current pool of conventional bars, Chull is the perfect spot to satiate all your “chulls”. Right from the food and drinks to the décor, everything about Chull is far left of center.

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