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In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Jaspreet Madaan, Owner, The Classroom talks about the idea of starting a concept restaurant.
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What was the whole idea coming up with Classroom?

I have a very large group of friends and we all were mulling this idea of having a place with all the nostalgia which can be really nice for all the age group. Hence, we introduced this concept bringing all the memories at The Classroom.

Since, it was a bootstrapped restaurant. How much money you have put to built this brand?

I have invested nine crore in this restaurant.

What are the elements you have focused on to match the concept?

The whole place revolves around with all the aspects which you find in the The Classroom. We have incorporated the same kind of vibe, the furniture, design, colours and the decor to give it a mesmerising touch.

How about menu designing?

Menu also has been designed in way which is similar to what it is in the College and School Canteen. We have Irish School Nachos, Palak Patta Chaat, Crispy Onion Fritters, Cheese Kabab to name a few in the menu.

Why Gurgaon as a location?

Gurgaon has got a large socio economic corporate set up and sector 29 Gurgaon is full of Corporates who have definitely visited Classrooms. And, going with the concept it is the perfect location for us to cater to our kind of a customers’.

What is the average footfall and the ticket size?

The average footfall at our restaurant is around 200 customers with average ticket size of Rs 800-1000 daily.

What is your expansion plan?

Being the flagship restaurant we want to ensure we are stable first with all the policies, procedures and revenues then think about expansion.

How are you marketing your restaurant to beat the competition?

Marketing Strategies have to be unique with your product also. Would not like to divulge per say but we have big plans for future.

How do you see the food segment growing in India?

There is lots of potential in the market today. Indian food service market is evolving and people are introducing lots of new concept based restaurants as experience is the new talk in the segment. There is a huge potential if you fore see the market. 

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