This restaurant is a journey inspired by Mediterranean dining

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The place adopts its name from the Turkish word for 'peace', Barış, becoming a peaceful Epicurean retreat from the noise of the city.
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BARIS is an authentic and refreshing Mediterranean restaurant created to provide people a rejuvenating fine dining experience.

Located at Masjid Moth GK-II, this experience-based restaurant attempts to take you on a journey to the land of the crescent moon with its ambience created with scrupulous attention, food created with the intention to represent the entire Mediterranean landmass and peace which naturally belongs to BARIS.

The menu takes you to a very close experience to taking a walk on the streets of Turkey and its inspiring neighbours. It caters to original and traditional dishes blended in Mediterranean flavours and a lot of skills and admirable improvisations. The dynamic food of BARIS can be relished in both fine dining section and the laid back lounge where sky is the limit for the smoke of their traditional Hookah.

The place adopts its name from the Turkish word for 'peace', Barış, becoming a peaceful Epicurean retreat from the noise of the city. Living up to its meaning of existence, BARIS attempts to serve peace layer by layer; firstly through its ambience, secondly through its divine food and thirdly through the feeling of ecstatic contentment one experiences after spending time at BARIS and amidst BARIS.

“BARIS is a unique Mediterranean experience which caters to all the senses. A visually delighting ambience, a memorable taste, touching the Mediterranean lands from inside, hearing the voice of the middle-eastern heritage and blending your breath with the aroma of ambrosial food is what BARIS is all about.” said Arjun Toor, Creator and Director of BARIS.

Ambience and culture is what creates BARIS but food is what defines BARIS. The restaurant offers a diversified menu which brings the Mediterranean lands and its culinary gastronomic goodness in a nutshell. “If the goodness of Turkish architecture was to be put in words, then BARIS would be the most beautiful paragraph.” The dishes on the menu of BARIS are handpicked while keeping the significance of heterogeneity and perfection in mind. With the responsibility of the BARIS kitchen on the shoulders of well-versed staff led by the proud Turkish Chef Sahin Ibis, we cannot expect anything but excellence,” adds Gaurav Sethi, Director of Baris.

From the refreshing Turkish coffee and the tempting Kuzu Incik, to Hummus bin Dujaj and Kolokithi, each dish is filled with divinity in its every scintilla. Their menu has an array of choices like Avocado Labneh, Anavut Cigeri, Mercimek Corbasi, Urfa Kebab etc. made from the traditional Turkish ingredients. They especially get the spices and herbs from Urfa, Adana, Istanbul etc. in Turkey. The mocktail menu on the other hand is inspired by the Mediterranean lagoons and will make you explore the depth of the culture.

The interior of BARIS is the spitting image of the classical Turkish architecture, blended with contemporary techniques in search of new synthesis. During the day, sunlight enlightens the land of the crescent moon as it pierces through sheaths of BARIS. The luminous candles, the calmness of beige colour and the majestic chandelier blend together with the walls and wonted middle-eastern musical beats to establish a placid atmosphere and make you self-possessed. During the night, you can beam yourself up under the sky and have a chilled out time while gazing the stars and smoking the traditional symbol of Mediterranean heritage i.e the Hookah at the laid back lounge section which in a very sophisticated way gives you the nomadic feel like Paulo Coelho did with The Alchemist.

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