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Talking about ideation to current set of offerings Miten Shah, Co-Founder, Ambros World Food spoke to
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Redefining the concept of sports bar in the city of restaurants and bar, The Studs Bar and Grill, launched its first outlet in Juhu, Mumbai recently has added luxury touch to it in the efforts of being different. It is offering complete experience of food, beverages and games combined in a package. The brand is aiming at introducing purely American level of sports bar in the country. Its ambience, food, gaming and play station facility on the dining table itself makes it exception from other conventional bars in the city. Spread across 3700 sqft the restaurant offers comfort yet unique experience in the heart of the city. Excerpts from the interview:

How different is your approach with the concept of sports bar?

In restaurant industry if you want to sustain for longer then you have to be different to fill the gaps which are currently prevalent. None of the other pubs and lounges in the market have given justice to the concept of sports bar per say as whole and not made it really exquisite. We are offering complete experience in the package ensuring the food, alcohol, drinks, mocktails and games combined in a unique experience. We are looking at bringing up purely American level sports bar in India and not the normal any other sports bar. We have added luxury touch to it.

What makes it special?

Our ambience makes it a bit special. Ours is not a basic sports bar section rather we have minimized our number of sittings and have made it comfortable 106 sittings. And, that is the highest level of sitting any bar can have. We have set the standards with the quality of kitchen process, food, beverages and gaming processes. We are having play station on the table itself. We are also hosting play station championship. We have pool table, full bar, free wifi, private dining area, gaming area, group meal option.

We want to have a stern grip in the industry in our segment.

Why did you choose this location?

Juhu has huge target audience. It’s a place of celebrities and celebrity driven crowd. And, this location is actually a hub of F&B outlets. 

Where did you derive the idea from?

We have derived this idea from someone who wanted to launch the sports bar and invest in it. While doing a research on it we have realized that there is a dearth of sports bars in India. So, we decided to set ourselves apart by not having conventional look of multiple screens across and one projector showing one sport in our outlet. We will rather show all the sports on the screen seasonally. It’s all about customer experience.

What is your expansion plan?

We are expanding our outlets through franchising further in BKC in Mumbai, Goa and Hyderabad. We will have no more than two outlets a year. YOY we are looking at 25-30 percent of growth. Overall in the next five years we will have five to seven outlets.

What will be the strategy forward?

As a brand we always believe that we don’t want to open the restaurants at an enormous speed. We will grow stable and sustainable. We are ok with even one or two outlets in one year but all of them should be sustainable and profitable in the long term.

What is the age group that you are catering?

Mostly we are targeting the teenage to 50 year old consumers.

What is the investment and revenue target?

For every outlet we are investing around Rs two to Rs three cr while looking at annual revenue of Rs five to seven cr.

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