This Restaurant is Blending Traditional with Progressive Indian Food

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In an email interaction with Restaurant India, Chetan Kaushal, Co-owner, Karma Kismet talks about his journey into the food industry.
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How did food happen to you?

I always had the passion for doing something in the food industry. While I was growing up, I witnessed a lot of ventures coming up and closing down within a year or so. I was determined that the day I enter into this business my venture will be marking its name while serving to the people for over the years. You can say that it was there inside me since forever as I wanted to contribute in my own way.

Tell us something about your venture.

Karma Kismet is the newest addition to the GK-2 market which is being managed by three people--- Tushar Jagota, Chef Deepanker Khosla, and myself. The place is situated right above Nik Bakers and is spread across two floors. The first floor is a high energy lounge and bar area while the second floor is a fine dining section. We have designed the venture in such a way that it will attract people who are inclined towards beverages as well as to the people who want to dine out in an orthodox manner.

What is your take on the interiors of your restaurant?

The restaurant has beautiful interiors with some interesting architectural elements like textured wall and patterns of wood, marble, and brass, plush leather couches, and a huge open kitchen. We have tried to decorate it in a manner to provide people with enough space to party and enjoy the cuisines in the ambiance provided.

You have an immense menu designed for the customer. Tell us something about it.

The menu at the restaurant is a nice blend of traditional and progressive Indian food- while the starters and dessert sections had progressive dishes, the main course section stuck to the traditional side. The main course section has been constructed in a nice way that they have four types of curries- Saag, Qorma, Makhani, and Rogan Josh, with a choice of protein for each- paneer/ vegetables, chicken, lamb, and prawns. Even the progressive dishes have compact flavors. We are trying to experiment with the dishes keeping the quality of food in mind.

What are your marketing strategies?

We see social media as the best platform for marketing and stating our brand awareness. Marketing activities directly impact the sales. So we remain very cautious while selecting the offers, combos, and any other platform.

How did you target the audiences initially?

Social media and word-of-mouth are main focus area for creating awareness about our services among the target customer. When we first announced a start-up by the name of Karma Kismet, we did not disclose what it would exactly be and that created a massive buzz on social media and gave us a strong platform to start this restaurant.

What are your expansion plans?

We are currently taking baby steps. For now what we are trying to do is to make this outlet a great success before coming up with another venture. In the future, we will be trying to expand it on a local level before expanding to different countries.

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