This 20 Years Old is Revamping the Dining Experience in Surat

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In conversation with Restaurant India, Vinit Ghelani, Owner, Udan Khatola shares about his passion towards food industry.
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Restaurant India

Coming from a business family, Vinit always had the passion for doing something in the food industry. After his schooling, he got enrolled in an engineering college where he left the education in between as he realized that his dream lies elsewhere. After that, he planned to open a restaurant of his own which he wanted to be different from other ventures available in the city. Excerpts from the interview:

How did the idea of establishing your own venture come to your mind?

Being a big time foodie I always had the passion towards trying something different in terms of cuisines and location which a particular restaurant comes up with. Belonging to a business family, I always had this in mind that I wanted to do something in this particular field making my name. That’s when I came up with the idea of starting my own restaurant in Surat which would be quirky and unique from the other pre-existing restaurants.

Tell us something about your restaurant ‘Udan Khatola’.

I wanted to establish something different which was not present in Surat.  My inner food lover instinct had made me visiting many places across the city just to try their food and ambiance. And after three to four months of research, I came up with the idea of opening a restaurant with the name Udan Khatola.  We have designed our restaurant in a manner which will give a feeling to the customer that they are travelling in a flying vehicle. That is what the name of our restaurant stands for.

Why Udan Khatola?

I wanted a quirky, different and unique name for my restaurant. The entire idea was to create curiosity amongst the people. One morning, I was sitting idle and listening to a song which had the word Udan Khatola in it. That is how I came up with the name followed by the concept.

Tell us something about the cuisines at Udan Khatola.

We are a multi-cuisine restaurants situated in Surat. It will be not wrong to say that our specialty is the Indian cuisines.  

What is your take on the rise of so many restaurants and cafes at the current time?

I think it’s really great to see that people are coming up with exciting new ventures and concepts offering something new to the people. There are many trends and cuisines which people are not aware of. These new cafes and restaurants can work in the direction by providing them with the new food and trends invading in our country.

What are your strategies in fighting the challenges that you face being in the industry?

I am continuously trying to re-invent my cuisines and product. I believe that if you want to sustain in this rapidly changing food industry you have to be innovative so that the customers never feel monotonous with the product. We believe in experimenting with food and the style of presenting them.

What are your expansion plans?

We will be coming up with another outlet soon. Keeping the same model, there will be something new for the customers to witness.

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