The global cuisine is the biggest challenge today- Sewara Hospitality

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In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Inderpal Singh Kochhar, Owner, Sewara Hospitality shares ‘How difficult it is to manage a ‘multi-cuisine’ restaurant’?
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Please tell us something about Sewara.

Sewara believes in capturing the essence of life by slowing down the pace and savouring the moments; giving all our guests unique experiences filled with meaning and fulfillment. Synonymous with 'slow living', it is an attempt to promote this lifestyle through our verticals - hospitality & organics. Our current properties are; Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, New Delhi, Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan and Pushkar Resorts, Rajasthan.

What have you kept in mind in while choosing location for your brands?

Sewara's primary objective is to create ecologically and culturally anchored high-end getaways while propagating the sustenance and perpetuation of the socio-cultural and ecological heritage of India; past and living. Our focus is to integrate 'slow living' with a contemporary outlook; creating a source for a healthy lifestyle option which is easily available for the urban milieu. From pristine destinations to casual dining restaurants and organic products; all Sewara services & products are interlaced with these core aesthetics and values.

You are operating a multi-cuisine restaurant, what are the challenges faced in operating a restaurant under this format?

The global cuisine and attrition growth is the biggest challenge today, in terms of retaining our associates and keeping up with the global developments respectively. To counter these we have to continuously motivate our employees, train them and show benefits of long term association with the brand. We keep a regular check on travelling, social media updates and constant communication through key industry friends.

Who are your target customers for Lodi-The Garden Restaurant?

Our clientele caters to a certain section of the society where people have high disposable incomes and high end lifestyles. This also includes expats and diplomats. Lodi has completed 15 years this year and it’s been our constant endeavor to serve our guest with the best possible services. Our expert team of chefs works on the taste buds of our clients and prepares menus accordingly. Lodi has a regular set of clientele that has been dining at the restaurant over the years. Apart from this, every month we also try to promote seasonal cuisines. Like in May, we are promoting Melon festival and in June, we will run Mango festival.

You recently entered into ‘delivery’ space. What initiated you to extend your services?

It is a value added services to our clients. We see the trend of eating in is emerging and a lot of people prefer to order and sit back at home with their friends and relatives.

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The global cuisine is the biggest challenge today- Sewara Hospitality
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