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An interaction with Sam & Sana Chopra, Chairman & Director F&B, CybizCorp.
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CybizCorp, a franchising and licensing solution in verticals like real estate, retail, hospitality and food & beverages has recently partnered with Priyank Sukhija led Lazeez Affaire Group. In an interaction with Restaurant India, Sam Chopra & his daughter Sana Chopra highlighted their partnership objectives with Lazeez Affaire and the food franchising trends in India.

Please tell us something about the food franchising business in India?

In the last 10 years, more than 100 brands have entered India. The industry has seen an emergence of globalisation which has been a strong impetus for franchising in the industry. With regional and global boundaries shrinking and the trend of eating out and being experimental catching up, the food franchising business.

What made you to sign a franchisee deal with Lazeez Affaire Group when western brands are keen on sharing franchisee opportunity in India?

Sam Chopra: The Lazeez Affaire Group of Restaurants is led by Priyank Sukhija, a very successful restaurateur, operating 20 plus fine and casual dining outlets across Delhi- NCR. The fact that he has been successfully running these for the past decade or so was one of the biggest reasons to partner. Moreover, the Lazeez Affaire Group gave me a mix of different restaurant formats which no brand offers and this is something that will be of immense help in franchising out their brands as the portfolio actually offers a variety of different options that one can choose from.  

Sana Chopra: Our aim was to bring a brand which has different formats and we now have an array in our kitty to offer to our prospects. We strongly believe that the time is ideal for revolutionary concepts to be introduced into the Indian F & B industry and Priyanks’ passion and commitment to take his brands to a different level altogether fits very well with our companies’ business philosophies.

What are the real estate challenges that food industry faces and how do you overcome these challenges?

The lack of availability of perfect locations and soaring rental prices in malls, high streets and food blocks. With RE/MAX (one of the largest real estate brokers in Asia) we have an added advantage to overcome this challenge as we have real estate consultants in 35 plus major cities in 100 offices all over India, which ensures that we are well informed about real estate developments across the country.

In your opinion, what innovation has recently influenced the restaurant business in a significant way?

Sam Chopra: We have seen Michelin Star Chefs opening up their restaurants in India and now there is the need for a restaurant which can be a Michelin Star in itself.

Sana Chopra: Molecular Gastronomy is catching attention trends with restaurants coming up with new and innovative dishes and attracting customers.

Among all the brands which according to you are the most favourite among the customer and which are your personal favourites?

Sam Chopra: Warehouse Cafe, The Flying Saucer Cafe and The Town House \\Cafe are my personal favourites and customers love to go to Out of the Box Cafe, Warehouse Cafe and Raas, Boombox Cafe etc.

Sana Chopra: The Town House Cafe and The Flying Saucer are my personal favourites though Out of the Box Cafe, Pizzeria Rossa, Pure Punjab and Raas are preferred by customers.

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