The changing face of Indian dining scenario

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Given the current scenario, there is a steady increase in the importance of overall experience in totality, rather than just the dishes and beverages.
  • Charu Sharma
Restaurant India

In the current scenario there is a steady increase in the importance of overall experience in totality, rather than just the dishes and beverages. Consumers don’t go out for food now; they’re craving for an everlasting experience. They notice everything from plating to quality and services. Restaurateurs need to pull their socks up; today restaurants are moving in a different direction. From North to South and East to West, each and every restaurant is trying hard to make it a happening place for consumers, be it with dining, cuisine, service or experience they are decorating their places with elegance. Earlier, only western cuisine was supposed to be an elegant cuisine for dine-in or fine-dine restaurants but now we can see the transformation in the Indian cuisine getting ahead of that. We have been looking too far to satiate our palate despite the fact that a lot has to be explored from within our great country. "While the pursuit of global cuisine shall continue in the next few years, regional recipes and locally cultivated food will find its own way into the homes and hearts of culinary enthusiasts and restaurant patrons,” believes Nishek Jain, Founder of the Pan-India Veg Restaurant called “29” @ Kemps Corner.

Keep your grounds

Restaurants are introducing innovation with cuisine. The concepts of restaurants have been changed following the western trend; restaurateurs have made the concept eye-candy without forgetting the Indian taste from the cuisine. Their hearts are still ‘desi’ but with a slight tint of global food service sector which people really relish. To give a dining experience, restaurateurs must recognise their customers and give them the best quality service. Hospitality Industry is a two way street; it totally depends up on how you perceive customers. It could make you or even destroy you; it involves carefully balancing considerations that enable a business to fill orders promptly and profitably.

Internal Factors

Internal factors also affect the dining experience, believe us. The way restaurateurs treat their employees create a huge difference because restaurants tend to be paid lower salaries to the workers even when restaurants generate high turnovers. Successful people in the industry have managed the ways to motivate their employees by creating a healthy environment for them, treating them with respect, providing those allowances, taking their needs while accounting any decision or scheduling anything. It gives employees the opportunity to learn and employers to generate more review.

Intimate consumers’ aspirations

As we keep saying every time that it is not about fulfilling the appetite, it’s about fulfilling it in a forgetful way. "Given the current scenario, there is a steady increase in the importance of overall experience in totality, rather than just the dishes and beverages. From its plating and ambience to customer engagement and quality of service, these are becoming the new 'footfall' pullers for a restaurant,” says Jimmy Chadha, Owner of Ambrosia Hospitality.

Foresee the trend

The best thing about hospitality industry is one can predict what’s coming next. Using that instinct right just hit the ball at right time and you are all set. Restaurants lose the business because they do not adopt the change. Keeping in mind that change is the only constant can only run a successful business. “I can foresee its importance multiply manifold by 2018, with guests becoming more aware of these factors and wanting an amazing experience holistically. Also, change being the only constant, more and more restaurants will begin to indulge in innovative and technologically ahead decors, ambience etc to have an upper hand in the market adds Jimmy.

So, these are few of the factors restaurateurs need to brain tattoo to enhance over all dining experience.

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