Tetra Pak to double the production capacity in next 4-5 years- Kandarp Singh

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In an exclusive chat with Restaurant India, Kandarp Singh, Managing Director, Tetra Pak India, reveals his expansion plans and how he intends to increase the production capacity at his plant.
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How do you focus on creating best packaging options?

For us, the packaging options are based on the consumers and the market. We have a range of packages depending upon the type of product, be it milk, fruit juice, or flavoured milk. And based on that we first decide the consumption pattern and the optimal package size required for it, for example, a 1litre packing or 200ml packing measured on how is the package going to be used and the consumer.

How do you maintain food safety while packaging your products?

Our revolutionary technology which is the aseptic processing and packaging technology ensures that the best product be it a fruit juice pulp or milk is actually processed with the ultra-high temperature treatment or the pasteurisation treatment made up of best quality of raw material. Also, it is a six-layer packing which combines with the processing technology which ensure that one can keep the product safe over a long period of time. Because of all such technologies, the product remains safe not just for one or two days, but it remains safe for up to six months to one year without refrigeration.

What is the capacity of the production that you do at your plant?

At our plant in Chakan (Pune), we manufacture 50 per cent more than what we are selling. In numbers, it is about 10 billion packages per year. We also export to markets such as Vietnam and Indonesia. We are also planning to double up the capacity in the next 4 or 5 years.

Can you tell us about how much you export to other markets?

Today, about one-third of our production is being exported and about two-thirds is being used by the domestic market. This ratio is going to be increased in favour of the domestic market as per the demand and the growth we are seeing in India which is increasing day by day.

What are the challenges in the packaging industry?

Some of the key challenges in the packaging industry are related to infrastructure. I feel that there is a need of much more rapid growth of the roads and transportation as we are a very vast country where the products are transported over large distances that requires a good infrastructure. Another big challenge is the availability of good facilities like food parks where we can encourage entrepreneurs to set up processing facilities or packaging facilities. Also, good quality of water, soil and being close to farmers help us in delivering the best.      

Can you name some restaurants and QSR partners?

Some of our big partners in the juice area are Dabur, Parle, Pepsico, and Coca-Cola. In the dairy area, we have Amul, Karnataka Milk Federation, Parag, and Nestle amongst others.

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Tetra Pak to double production capacity in next 4-5 years
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