Taste the original 'Kulfi' flavours

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The customers can savour the traditional kulfi with a trendy twist in a range of over 800 flavourful options at all Barbeque outlets in Bangalore.
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Indian organised ice cream market is over 3000 crore and is growing at 19.5 percent annually with innovations taking place in the industry. Not only the,  ice cream players in the country, but the restaurant chains the country have also started serving elaborate ice cream and kulfi menu in their offering.

Barbeque Nation, the casual dining restaurant chain which is known for serving authentic barbeque food has introduced the latest concept of ‘Kulfi Nation’ in its menu.

“We are pleased to launch Kulfi Nation as an essential extension of the Barbeque Nation experience. The Kulfi Nation ‘concept within a concept’ will further define the experience at Barbeque Nation and delight the entire family. We are proud to be the first to launch a full range of the Kulfi Nation experience in Bangalore” said, Uday Menon, Chief Business Officer, Barbeque Nation.

The casual dining restaurant chain is presenting over 800 options of Kulfi and toppings at the restaurant chain’s latest concept – Kulfi Nation.

While Kulfi Nation will keep staple flavours like KesarPista and Malai, customers will also have on offer unconventional options like Paan and Fig. These can be glazed decadently with thick dip sauces of Caramel, White and Dark Chocolate and teamed with just the right sprinkle of Choco chips, Praline, Silver Balls and Dry Fruits. The Kulfis can be generously topped with Rabdi, Gulkand, Falooda, Fig Compote and Strawberry Compote.

Guests can drool over a range of Kulfi with plentiful options on dip sauces, toppings, sprinkles, flavourings and crushes in a true barbeque style where they do not have to pay extra on food.

The Kulfi Nation will be starting from 17th of November at all Barbeque Nation outlets in Bangalore and will cost Rs 1600 for a meal of two.

Thus, we can say that restaurant is bringing new and innovative options in their menu where they are trying to match the global standards.

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Taste the original \'Kulfi\' flavours
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