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Warm stews like the piping hot Lobster in a hot stone pot, old favourites like the Guppy House Salad, Karashi Chicken & Bacon Casserole make a comeback along with new entrants.
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Guppy, the contemporary Japanese bar and kitchen by AD Singh’s Olive group brings you an enchanting winter menu with fresh flavours of the season.

As winter approaches, Guppy gets set to offer warm stews, delicious hot pots, flavourful sea food dishes along with Battera Sushi & Sushi Rice Crisps that Warms your Belly! Warms your Heart!

At Guppy, every dish is based on the seasonality of food (know in Japanese as shun). Japanese cuisine is unique in its flavours, presentation and philosophy. Imbibing the same philosophy in their kitchen, Chef Vikram Khatri and his team use fresh seasonal produce that complement the elements – there’s Tosaka or mixed seaweed, black radishes, watermelon radishes, mizuna leaves, kale and lots more!

Maki, Nigri, Omakase & now the National Sushi Championship (2016) winning chefs bring to you Battera Sushi. Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese dishes, Guppy introduces the famous Battera Sushi this season – a delicately hand pressed sushi following the original recipe from Osaka.

Also being introduced are the Tobanyaki dishes where food is cooked and served in ceramic pots in a traditional Japanese manner. There are enough options for vegetarian and meat lovers alike.

For vegetarians there is sizzling Mushroom Tobanyaki Stone Pot, a hearty dish of assorted mushrooms, lotus roots and greens cooked in coconut cream. Sushi Rice Crisp is a fabulous rice cake topped with kimchi pickle, avocado tartare and smoked pumpkin. A light Seaweed, Mizuna and Daikon Salad made with young mustard, radish, seaweed and baby greens, served with ginger and plum dressing is delightfully fresh. A hit from last year, the delicious Guppy House Salad which has seasonal crunchy vegetables, hearts of palm and bamboo shoots in a karashi mustard dressing, makes a comeback.

For the non-vegetarians, the best produce from the Andaman Sea creates nourishing dishes like the Lobster and Seafood Soup kami nabe made using the best deep sea lobsters, prawns, fish and vegetables in a miso base broth, served in a hot paper pot. A panGrilled Rock Lobster is cooked with seasonal vegetables in spicy shisho butter. Tuna and Avocado Poke is made from tuna, avocado, hearts of palm, and radish, cured in soy and sesame dressing, served with pickled cucumber and seaweed dust.To help fight off those cold waves, Guppy brings back the biggest hits of last year like Karashi Chicken and Bacon Casserole. Chef Vikram Khatri also recommends the Chicken Ramen, which is made using home-made egg noodles in a special chicken stock and topped with a boiled egg, spinach and seaweed. Lamb Tobanyaki or New Zealand Lamb is cooked slowly with daikon, carrots and greens with hatcho miso in a ceramic pot. Sushi Rice Crisp is for all those who have a good appetite. The Slow Cooked Tuna Steak made using fresh Andaman tuna steak is served with a spicy ponzu sauce and poached egg. End your meal on a sweet note with a Warm Carrot Cake with mascarpone frosting and get a taste of heaven.

The chefs at Guppy have won the National Sushi Championship 2016 organised by JETRO, a Japanese trade and investment promotion organization under Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), along with Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA) and will be going to Tokyo to compete in the World Sushi Cup. 

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