“Specialty cuisine needs time to expand”

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In exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Arjun Toor, Partner, G Line Gourmet talks about starting a specialty restaurant.
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Restaurant India

The idea

It was during first year of my internship when I went Doha to work that I was exposed to Middle Eastern cuisine. I really liked the cuisine and decided to open a restaurant of my own serving the same food. It took us almost 8-9 months to finally finalise and get the whole detailing out of this concept because in all these months I was searching for the property and the idea was to open a restaurant at a location where there is no much noise. We wanted a place where there is peace. Also, because when we decided the name of the restaurant, it is Baris which means peace. So, we wanted to be strong on over all concept. We decided on our cuisine and concept in all these months and then there were constant research that was going, on what kind of desert we should keep, what kind of cuisine we should play in starters, main course and what would do best. In between I went to Dubai and Istanbul to research about the food and culture. That’s how the whole concept came into place.

Trading on quality

The overall response is very good. People are appreciating the kind of food we are doing. Obviously there are some cliché and we are trying to work on that. People love the rooftop, the ambiance and are really appreciating the food presentation we are doing, the overall experience we are providing. And, that’s you know the good start is all about.

Serving best on platter

If you look at Mediterranean cuisine as a whole, it consists of everything. There is certain part which is Europe influenced like Italian, French, Moroccan and little bit of Spanish. If you look at east side of the sea there are Middle Eastern countries with traditional cultural food and where we got our spices from. We are only focusing on the Middle Eastern part of the menu and we are not doing European part of the menu.

Pricing it right

If you see overall experience the pricing is justified but I wouldn’t be a cafe pricing. It’s more than on the level of a casual dining chain. We charge for experience. We want people to come for an experience and that’s where we want to position ourselves.

Getting the raw materials

We are importing couple of spices from Turkey and most of them are easily available in India itself. India has become a big market for food in last few areas.

Focusing on design

Designed by Kulmeet Shangari of ACPL who has been an integral part of the designing. He has focused on every minute detail.

Going forward

We have not thought of expansion as of now as specialty cuisine needs time and I personally feel that the whole essence of specialty cuisine is exclusivity and people have to travel to eat food at a particular place. 

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