Social media can make or break a restaurant- Varun Puri

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In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Varun Puri, Owner at IMLY shares about how IMLY is transforming the food culture of Delhi.
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IMLY is a concept restaurant, of around 250ft long train frontier tugged by a toot-tooting esteem engine where one can hop on for street foods. It is like a never ending frontage which makes it the ultimate train.

It has four colours in its logo-yellow, green, blue and pink. The concept and the impression they want to give to their customers is that the meal should be very vibrant, colourful and joyful. The banta bottles, colourful jars everything is very colourful and also we want to add colours to the people lives as soon as they enter IMLY.  Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Why the name IMLY?

The first things comes to our mind is something chatpata, action, cocky, tangy. IMLY is a sort of chattani which is served with somosa, golgappa and every chat.

IMLY is also a catchy name which is easy to remember; interesting concept, very colourful and there is no way that it can go unnoticed. 

How will Imly transform the Food culture of Delhi?

Delhi has always served the best street foods, but to bring that experience Imly is the correct destination. Meanwhile, Imly gives you the same food at good quality, air-conditioned restaurant and also the chefs tell you what to eat and what not to eat.  It is a place where you can find the best food from all over the country. Even the pricing is very low, nominal and pocket friendly to the customers.

What are the new flavours you have added to grab customer’s attention?

We have flavours of the nation. Like Bombay and Pune Junction, Uttar Pradesh Junction, Awadhi ka Junction, Delhi Terminal, Madras Bhatti and many more.

What are the basic essentials techniques that keep in mind while designing your menu?

We wanted to keep it as basic as the way you have over there. It is constant for instance Vada Pav at Kriti College at Dadar,  Pav Bhaji at Bombay, Delhi Chole bhature, Imly Dosa or kanjivaram. You will get it the same way as you find in that region.

We want people should witness India’s heritage and food flavours. They should explore India, it is a treat.

What made you start your restaurant in association with CRY?

Our plan is to start a veg restaurant and CRY only associate with vegetarian restaurants. Beside this, we also want to do a non profitable thing. The idea is to do something for the society and create an example for others. What is the average footfall you received? It is 500 people a day.

Do you see any competition from other start-ups?  Who are your target customers?

For me, competition is always healthy and I am ready for competitions. This also ensures we will be on toes. In respect to our product, it is anyway ahead of others. We only focus on food and our chefs provide hygienic food.

These days many restaurants come up with photo friendly ambience as a marketing strategy. What is your view on the same?

This is called the branding inside the restaurant. Now, it has become a trend go inside the restaurant and take selfies and post in social media. Today social media is amazing; it can make or break a restaurant. It has a good pace for the restaurant.

This is an in-house branding as photo is an easy way to promote a restaurant just like mouth to mouth. 

What is your expansion plan?

We are planning to multiply cities like  Noida, Gurgaon, South Delhi and Bombay.

You are coming up with some new restaurants. Name them.

We have Light Camera Action at Rajouri. Then we are coming up with Uncensored at Gurgaon and Bombay in few days, and Molecule again at Gurgaon.

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Social media can make or break a restaurant- Varun Puri
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