Serving Teas & Beverages of Many Regions At Their Venue

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In an interaction with Restaurant India, Jiten Sucheda, Owner, Jugmug Thela expresses his love and passion for tea and coffee.
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Restaurant India

How did the idea of serving variety of teas and beverages come to you?

Our menu is inspired by the choices that you get in different regions of India and around the world. If I go to Kolkata and have a certain kind of tea then I won’t be having the same tea when I am back in Delhi. The idea came from here where I thought why we can’t create a menu which is inspired by regional beverages. That was the whole idea that came into my mind while stepping into this industry. 

How was your journey from being a graphic designer to the owner of a venture?

The journey was very challenging. The transition into the F&B industry was very new and challenging for me as I don’t have any background, training, and experience in this industry before. There were lots of learning’s and mistakes which I corrected while setting up the business.

What were the various difficulties faced?

What adds to your difficulty is the fact that whether you belong to the food industry or not. If you are, then you are familiar with the stuffs which happen while running a venture. But in my case, things started from the basic. I had to learn things from the scratch from rules and regulations to methods and techniques. I had to put extra money and efforts while establishing this venture. I took a lot of time just to understand how this market actually works. I did a lot of research which I thought was necessary.

Enlighten us with the artisan factor of Jugmug Thela.

It just came from the kind of person I am. It actually also depends on what kind of places you visit. I am not a designer as I’m from the creative community. We tried to decorate the place as it’s something new and unique in its own way.  Every piece of furniture, tables, the items on the plate are all handmade. Nothing is from a readymade shop. I was inspired by my chai wala where I used to go. The whole idea and few of the décor idea came from there.

What is the Jugmug Thela’s uniqueness?

I think our uniqueness is that we adapted concept from a normal tea stall which can be witness here and there on roads. I personally believe that a person goes to a chai shop just to be what they really are. They want to be who they are in reality while having a cup of tea at such stalls. Generally, people dress up and go to a certain café shop so that they can look nice. I wanted a place where people can come in their comfort zone without thinking about anything else. I just wanted people to come here and have any kind of conversation they want by providing such an environment. Jugmug Thela is a place where anybody can come, relax and enjoy without thinking how they are looking and other stuffs like that.

Why the name Jugmug Thela?

There were many reasons why I came up with this name. But the main reason behind naming it as Jugmug Thela is that one of my favorite tea shops in Delhi used to be situated right beneath the babool tree which is no more there. That tree is now cut down. Whenever I used to visit there in earlier winters and monsoon, there would be fireflies in the tree. I used to sit under that tree at night with the fireflies surrounding us. That’s how I came up with this name Jugmug Thela. The word jugmug came from ‘jugmagate jugnoo’ and thela as a fact that I started with it.

What ‘s next in your kitty?

There are lots of surprises which I hope will be liked and appreciated. I am just sure that we are not going to create a franchise kind of model because I believe in providing people with something different. I’ll be changing our format based on the location.

How does Jugmug Thela stand apart from other tea and beverage outlets?

Our commitment to food and quality is something which makes us stand apart from other outlets which are available in the market. Everything which is available here is in-house and we never ever try to compromise with the quality of items we serve. In fact, 95% of the products are made in house at Jugmug Thela. We don’t even put chemicals to enhance the life or quality of food. We are trying to be ethically right and at the perfect place while serving to the customers.

What are your expansion plans?

We are going to expand region by region. My expansion plan is not going to be standard model that most of the outlets do. I am not looking at the scale which is very big in number for sure. For now, all I am thinking is to provide people something different from our previous outlet every time a customer visits us. After covering the regions, Jugmug Thela will surely move pan India.

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