Relive Bollywood era of 50s-90s with Mumbai Matinee

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Mumbai Matinee is a theme-based cafe, where they serve various cuisines, like Italian, Mexican, and Indian to name few. In tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Seep Prateek Gambhir, Owner, Mumbai Matinee shares his journey and vision about his Bollywood caf
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What are the design elements you kept in mind while designing this theme restaurant?

As I said that we are theme-based cafe and you must be aware that our theme was not an easy one. As the name suggests The Bollywood cafe" you can judge what Mumbai Matinee is all about. While designing, we only considered our childhood times where we grew up watching movie actors, bollywood songs etc. The technology used for entertainment in our cafe was selectively picked to display at our restaurant. People are welcome anytime to relive the Bollywood era of 50s-90s.

Do you serve cuisines with filmy names?

There is no such filmy cuisine but yes with the name Mumbai Matinee come the patent dish from Maharashtra which is Vada Pao and Missal Pao.

What are the challenges you face to manage a restaurant?

Well, managing a restaurant is one of the most courteous jobs for today. In F&B industry, quality is the biggest parameter for the restaurateurs to live up to.

Do you have any planning to go online like other restaurants?

If we would like to go online like other restaurants, then it won't be for home delivery. But I would love to go online for different reasons.

What was the reason behind choosing ‘Bollywood theme’ for your restaurants?

Picking Bollywood theme for restaurant is not an easy job. I have seen various cafes and restaurants on this theme. But I believe just by printing few legendary films and framing them on walls doesn't make it a Bollywood cafe. Before launching Mumbai matinee we actually researched for six to seven months. It was like a complete thesis which we have done. From the start of the cinematic experience which was "Alam Are” to "hum Apke hai Kaun”.

And we can only attract people around us by serving good food. An ambience may give you a lot of customers but good food, brings along repeat value for your restaurant. I have one and only principle to run this industry that is “if your food tastes great" there is no one who can pull you back.

What is your average footfall?

It is good enough to run a restaurant successfully.

What is your expansion plan?

Expansion is indeed a very important factor. But we are waiting for the right time.

Are you planning to launch anything for this New Year?

For us every festival is as important as others. We decorate and beautify our cafe for every celebration.


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Relive Bollywood era of 50s-90s with Mumbai Matinee
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