Planning to start more food trucks across Delhi-NCR: Pallavi Kuchroo

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Pallavi Kuchroo has always been passionate about food. The search for something magical led her to partner with Sudheer Grover to start Frugurpop. Talking to Restaurant India, Kuchroo reveals what initiated her to launch this.
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What initiated you to launch food truck serving popsicles? How is the response so far?

Our passion for food has driven us to experiment new and innovative things. The food truck is just one of them. Having received great response on our popsicles in the city, we figured our service should live up to the product, and what better way to showcase it, than a funky food van!

The response has been phenomenal. Our Popsicles are highly appreciated by children, but that doesn't stop their parents from devouring them too.

We see that new concepts are emerging in India. What has brought this trend in the Indian F&B industry?

The only constant in any industry is change, and that is exactly what is happening. There is a change in the Indian F&B industry as people are now becoming more open towards experimenting and accepting new ideas. There are so many exciting concepts abroad that people are now aware of, thanks to the internet lifestyle channels and the ease of travelling.

Who do you target as your customer? What is the investment done so far?

We are targeting people of all age groups. Frugurpop popsicles are relished by children, adults, health conscious (we also make sugar free flavours without any artificial sweetners), and Vegans (all our sorbet flavours are vegan and are also low on calories).

What kind of tie-up and revenue sharing arrangement you have as partners?

My partner Sudheer Grover and I have both invested in this project. He takes care of Maharashtra and I take care of Delhi/NCR.

You are currently present in Gurgaon. What are your expansion plans?

We are planning to start more food trucks and stand alone shops at high street locations across Delhi/NCR.

How do you prepare these popsicles? How do you ensure to preserve its freshness and quality?

Frugurpop popsicles are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing unit in Mumbai. We have a quality team for continues quality checks during production. Our raw material is also sourced from the best suppliers across India and a lot of our raw material is imported.

What is the price point of the popsicles?

Our sorbet flavours (vegan) are priced at Rs 100 each and the dairy flavours (milk based) are priced at Rs 150 each.

How are you reaching out to the locals? Do you see social media as an added advantage in marketing your product?

We are in the process of corporate office and society tie-ups in Gurgaon. At the moment, we are participating at food events in hotels, building societies and organic markets.

Yes, we do use a lot of social media to promote our product and feel it has definitely made us reach our target audience in a much simpler manner.

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