"Personalisation and warmth in our service is what makes us different"

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In a telephonic conversation with Restaurant India, Ankit Gupta, Owner, Burma Burma talks about driving the restaurant to NCR market.
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The idea
It’s like an amalgamation of my mom and dad, my father was from the hotel industry and mother was born and brought up in Myanmar (Burma); she lived there for 23 years. I grew up eating Burmese food as she used to make it once every 2-3 weeks. As we all used to relish it and the recipes were also popular and being from the hotel industry, I though why not experiment and open a Burmese restaurant. Before conceptualising Burma-Burma, 7 years back, my friend (Head Chef) and me visited Burma for couple of weeks to try out different food recipes, and when we came back, the whole experience took a back seat because we got busy with our exhibitions and corporate catering. A few years back another classmate from school, Chirag, my partner in Burma Burma proposed me to open something in collaboration. I already knew the way he functions with his own business, so I thought it will be a great idea to have such energy to work with which resulted in Burma Burma.

The Menu
Our menu is basically designed for lunch and dinner. We have sections like from food to tea. We have more than 30 varieties of tea as the name says Burma Burma restaurant and tea room. There are some teas, which you will not find anywhere. The menu is a very rare blend of beverages, desserts and around 45-50 Burmese dishes. Beverages are inspired from different parts of the world, as we have couple of beverages from Burma and then we got international beverages and local ones as well. We are using a bit of molecular gastronomy where it makes sense. A lot of thought process goes into styling and presentation of beverages.

Sourcing the right raw materials
Our 30 per cent of the raw material is sourced from Burma, the masala that we use, tea leave, curry powder and jaggery etc are imported from Burma because that cannot be replaced in order to make Burmese cuisine. Rests of the ingredients are sourced locally.

Apart from the novelty of cuisines, the personalisation and warmth in our service is what makes us different. We treat all guests as our own family members. Having a genuine service with quality, Burmese cuisine sets us apart from other restaurants.

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