People's Preference in Cuisine

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Eating has propelled the restaurant industry towards a development pace and has evolved from an occasion driven activity to an occasion in itself. People like to go out and eat; trying new foods and cuisines has become a habit for them.
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In this regard Mr. Ashish Anand, Vice President, Hotel Om Tower, Jaipur, says, “Indian foods are still the most preferred cuisines here in India, despite the fact that international brands have come into the market.Only 20 people in 100 would prefer eating continental foods when they have an option of good quality Indian cuisines.” He further adds that food festivals are the best method to promote restaurants and cuisines.

According to Chef Suchit Garg, Spice It, Ibis, Gurgaon, “The most preferred cuisines amongst Indians depend on the region they are in. People’s preference for a particular food has helped in the emergence of restaurants in each category.”

Franchise India carried out a detailed survey on the cuisines which showed that people generally prefered Indian cuisines when out for dining. It also came out through the survey that Chinese is the second most preferred cuisine in India with Indian food’s preference growing rapidly at a ratio of 21%, followed by other Asian foods.

Researching on the types of cuisines and people’s preference, it was found that the time of delivery is another factor which is making people choosy about cuisines. About 60% of people were of the opinion that if they get an Indian or Mexican cuisine quickly, why would they opt for a cuisine which would take much longer time in reaching them.

Effect of delivery Time Percentage
Yes 60%
No 10%
Somewhat 30%


Chef Suchit further adds that people know that they have a variety of options to tickle their buds and speciality restaurants have come up as a major complimentary gift for the food lovers.

The India Food Service Report 2013, NRAI, states that the aspiring adolescents group patronises Italian cuisine, making it the most preferred, followed by the Chinese. Other well-received cuisines, besides the Indian platter, are American and Mediterranean. 


Aspiring adolescentscuisine preference Percentage
Italian (Pizza) 80-100%
Chinese 60-80%
North Indian 40-60%
South Indian 40-60%


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People\'s Preference in Cuisine
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