“Our major focus relies on HORECA”- Sanjay Jain, Elanpro

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In an interview to restaurant India, Sanjay Chain, Director, Elanpro shares about the growing trend of refrigeration in India.
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Restaurant India

When did you entered into the refrigeration business?

Elanpro started its journey in October 2011; we started small as a strategy that we will only work with our own brand because most of the company want to promote the global brands. We realised that in India if you really had to grow and want to become big you can’t promote multiple brands. And, when the global company enters India they take you for making the product big in the region and when the product becomes big they either appoint multiple companies or directly enter into the business.

How has Elanpro grown over the last five years?

We are today one of the fastest growing and among most of the profitable company. Elanpro is today a reliable product in the refrigeration industry. We are associated with something which has quality.

What are the different segments you are catering to?

We are only focusing on refrigeration. Our major focus relies on- HORECA, Retail, Life Science. On the HORECA and retail side we strongly focus on beverages, beer company, milk company, Pepsi company and now we are introducing a product from Italy that will be for frozen beverages and frozen carbonated beverages.

Which is your top revenue generating segment?

Retail gives larger revenue because customers like Pepsi, Coca Cola, beer companies who are placing themselves in retail. And, for us retail is a bigger market. Retail has the major growth. Almost 55 per cent revenue comes from retail, 35 per cent from HORECA and the rest from the life science.

Can you share some of the top hotel and restaurants where you are supplying Elanpro’s refrigeration?

We work with almost all the hotel chains. We work with Taj, ITC. We work with brands like Cafe Coffee Day and Travel Food Services (TFS). We work with The Beer Cafe. We also give equipment to people like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Kingfisher, Foster.

Which are your major countries in terms of importing the machines?

We have major imports coming from Italy, China, Turkey, Spain, USA, Latin American countries.

How about the competition in market?

There is no one single competition there are multiple competition. When I look at retail, I have competition from Voltas, Blue Star carrier, but they don’t have upright. If I look at HORECA segment we may have competition from Electrolux, Foster or other big companies which are there. But not many companies are present in bar refrigeration. They are into icing. We have segment vice competition and not a pan competition. In our entire segment we are a leading player.

What is the major challenge growing your business in India?

We are heavily affected by the change in exchange rate because that deteriorates our entire profit.

Do you have a target to focus on refrigeration or we can see you entering into other segments?

We need to focus on refrigeration. We are closing 40-45 per cent growth as compared to last year. We see refrigeration as a huge potential and India being the hot climate and most of our restaurant, dhaba and bars do not have proper refrigeration equipment. So, we see a huge potential in the Indian market.

What is your expansion plan?

Our expansion is going to be in two ways- we are going to penetrate more and more in B and C cities town. East is becoming a major area for us. We are entering northeast. And, on the product category we are getting more and more into HORECA segment product catering more to restaurants. 

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“Our major focus relies on HORECA”
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