Our focus is high potential market in Delhi-NCR- Kamal Khattar

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In an exclusive chat with Restaurant India, Kamal Khattar, Owner at Terrace Bar Bistro shares their extensive collection of alcohol beverages around the world.
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Terrace Bar & Bistro is the perfect place to offer you the solace from mind-numbing regular routine. Set at the prime location of Gurgaon, one of the best destinations to have drinks and enjoy the dine-out on any occasion. It has an extensive collection of alcoholic beverages from around the world along with intoxicating cocktail list; the in-house bartender expertly juggles and offers a drink that infuses absolute refreshment with every gulp. 

How and when did you decide to open a restaurant of yours? How was the investment managed?

The idea of opening the restaurant comes in 2010 as of the fact that Pan Indian Cuisine is missing in town and we wanted to create the niche segment which can serve to all kinds of segments which will eventually become the effluent place to dine in. Finally, after all the research, we had opened it in March 2012 and the investments were managed by promoters of the company themselves.   

What all is served in your menu?

We serve the authentic Pan Indian Cuisine where 60 per cent of the dishes being dominated by Delhi, Punjab and Lucknow region and rest 40 percent being served from all across the different regions of India.

What are the design elements you kept in mind while designing the restaurants?

We had certain blue print in mind while designing the restaurant as we want to create an alfresco experience. So, the elements which we had used were very warm, earthy and subtle colours were used while designing the theme.

Terrace Bar & Bistro has an event calendar for every month. How do you maintain it?

Yes, we do have our event calendar for every month which is maintained by our in-house marketing staff as well as we have different respective agencies that help us in making it.

Which section of market you love to focus?

For us every customer is important who is coming to our place to experience, we love to serve everyone in all aspects.

How much competition do you see from nearby market?

Yes, Gurgaon is a competitive market especially for the restaurant business but if you talk about our product i.e. Terrace Bar Bistro we are an exception as there is no place who is offering you this huge area of 10,000 Sq. ft. which can easily accommodate more than 300 people followed by exceptional class service. 

You have an extensive collection of alcoholic beverages from around the world. Can you name some of them? How do you evaluate the prices of the same?

We have an extensive bar presence keeping in mind we North Indians love to drink, we have almost every brand available with us at prices which we kept as per market standard but yet pocket friendly.  

What are the elements you take care to improve customer’s experience?

In F&B business, customer feedback is very important as it the most vital factor to improve the customer’s experience which we managed internally.

What is your expansion plan?

As far as expansion is concerned, we are focusing on high potential market in Delhi/NCR region and other parts of India which will eventually be commenced on planning stage somewhere in 2016.

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Our focus is high potential market in Delhi-NCR- Kamal Khattar
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