Now a Micro-Brewery Restaurant that is scaling in East India

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In an exclusive chat with Restaurant India, Gursimran Singh, Owner of Beer Republic speaks about the new trend he has introduced in his restaurant.
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Based in Kolkata, Beer Republic idea came whilst I was travelling world-wide. I realised that this kind of restaurant comprising of micro-brewery don’t exist in eastern sector of the country and that city of joy could do with one.

What all you serve in your expansive menu? And which is the top selling product?

We are serving Indian, Chinese and Continental food, with a portion of Italian also. We have also tried to stock various variety of beer available in the market, including strong beer. Once the brewery starts, we will have the largest variety of beer in town along with a fully functional bar housing liquors from around the world.

The top selling items include our non-veg platter, nachos and burgers.

Being the owner, how do you check the authenticity of the ingredients used in the food?

Our company has a team of experts who undertake periodical checking of the raw materials/ingredients and also the finished products. Any flaws are remedied instantly and any shortfalls are overcome within a span of few hours.

What new trends have you brought recently in your restaurant?

We have observed that high percentage of youth and middle age people are coming out of their shell and homes. While now-a days, around 90 per cent of households have working partners; the cooking trend is slowly at a wane now. Couples mostly are now looking for a place to unwind themselves after a hard day’s work. As such, they come to our restaurant to have a soothing round of drinks, as well as relieve stress by hearing some music.

I am bringing up the first Micro-Brewery in the state of West Bengal. Our restaurant has an entertainment zone-Frost Ice lounge where anyone can have drinks at minus 12 degree temperature with all furniture, fixtures and glasses made of ice.

What is your view on change in the taste of the millennial?

Millennials are certainly influencing to revolutionise food and restaurant scenario in the country. They are willing to spend more on specialty foods, which is powering new trends such as millennials are making their mark by accepting fresh food.

What strategies do you adopt in marketing?

Our marketing strategy is to attract the youth as well as the middle aged people, while also putting a great deal of stress on family customers. We have tied up with various marketing agencies who are specialist in their fields.

How easy or difficult is it to get suppliers locally?

Supplies are quite easy to get and our marketing team do not face any hassles with regards to local suppliers.

What is your expansion Plan?

I plan to bring up another venture on the same lines in the state of Sikkim as well as Odhisa. Moreover, I am coming up with a Four Star Hotel in Gangtok and an Entertainment hub resplendent with Seven Star Hotel, Casino, Multiplex, Shopping Arcade and Club in the State of Sikkim.

Tell us about your journey untill you open this restaurant?

The plan to foray into restaurant business started quite early, maybe when I was in my teens. Both, my dad and mom were into hotel business and most of our relatives from my parent’s side are into hotel and restaurant business only. As such, the business acumen came early. While doing MBA, I joined my father’s business but I had a lot of fresh ideas during that time. Ours was a small 2-3 units, it has now expanded into a fully fledged chain comprising of Hotels, Bar cum Restaurants, Lounge and Nightclubs etc.

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Now a Micro-Brewery Restaurant that is scaling in East India
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