Newly opened Cress Courtyard in Gurgaon targets 100 orders a day this winter

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In conversation with Restaurant India, Anchit Patni Owner at Cress Courtyard speaks about the transformation of taste in India.
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Cress Courtyard at Golf Course road opened in August 2015 has been designed in a very elaborate manner. It looks like more open and vast with nice indoor space and fully air condition. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, popular for providing a mouth-watering culinary experience.

Cress Courtyard is designed in an elaborate manner. Is designing a good menu for a restaurant business important?

Cress Coutryard and Cress Bistro both are my flagship outlets and indeed they are elaborately designed. Yes of course, the menu is the guide of any restaurant. It tells you as to how much effort and innovative ideas has been put into the making the restaurant. Like, it is said, you can judge a restaurant by its menu. We have over 200 dishes to offer with a wide variety of Indian, Pan Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

What according to you is the top selling menu in Cress Courtyard? What is the revenue generated out of it?

Well, there is nothing like top selling menu because people are appreciating all the cuisines, and we are getting a very mixed response for the menu. But if I was to point out a dish which is our top selling it would be Burmese Samosa which is also our signature dish. It’s a beautiful mix of Chicken Dimsums and a Burmese curry.

What are the unique techniques that make you different from any other restaurant in Gurgaon?

There is no such place in Gurgaon where you can find such a beautiful environment along with such a wide variety of food. We are equipped to hold large gatherings that serve the Gurgaon corporate and residents living around very well. Our food and ambience are just the perfect combination, which you won’t find anywhere else.

What is the number of orders that you get presently. And the target in next few months?

We are already getting about 20-25 orders a day and we are aiming to reach a figure of approximately 100 orders a day in this winter.

Do you see any threat from your competitors?

Everywhere you will find threat. All kinds of business have competition, especially in the food segments. We aren’t really worried as I know what I have made will do wonders. And we are very confident with the quality standards that we maintain.

How do you do the pricing in your restaurant?

APC at Cress is around Rs 550. We have kept the dishes very moderately priced for the quantity we serve.

What is your view regarding the transformation of the taste over the years in India?

Tastes have evolved but still I would say that it'll take time for people to appreciate good food. No doubt, India is experimenting with new cuisines but many of them have to add that Indian touch to each and every cuisine.

What is your expansion plan?

My plan was to launch Cress Bistro and Cress Courtyard by this year, which has been successful.  Now, I am planning to expand Cress and create a chain further.

In terms of revenue where do you stand today?

Well, it’s just the beginning, but I would say that we are doing well for ourselves and also generating enough revenue to start working on my expansion plan.

Are you planning to sign any franchisee deal?

Maybe, but I haven’t take the decision yet.

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Newly opened Cress Courtyard in Gurgaon targets 100 orders a day this winter
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