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With regular brand building exercise and media mileage they ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves.
  • Neha Bahl Founder, Qube Communication
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With massive competition in F&B industry, everyone wants to stand apart from the existing brands. Every brand whether established or newbie has one target after their achievement – to let the whole world know about them. Here comes the role of Brand Consultants & PR Managers who help any brand grow in a better way and changes the game for them.

With regular brand building exercise and media mileage they ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves. All the New Age Brand Consultants and PR Managers not only do rigorous media activities but also strategize various offbeat activities which gives the brand an edge in the market. With a very heavy flow of the F&B brands in the industry, it becomes really challenging for any consultant to plan something out of the box so that the brand sets apart a different league in the sector and leaves an everlasting mark on the target audience.

Here are few key pointers that any PR or Brand Manager should keep in mind while developing a strong a strategy for any F&B brand:

Thorough R&D: It’s a mandatory exercise for any communication professional to do proper R&D about the brand. If it’s a restaurant or café, do intensive research about their theme, menu, and concept behind the place. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is to identify the target audience, as your needs are based on your target customers. Market trends, your competitors, and demands of the customers are the key aspects that are supposed to be looked at while working for a specific brand.

Initial 3 Months are Crucial: The initial phase of any brand decides about your upcoming strategies. You need to work on a very rigorous PR Strategy for any F&B brand in its first three months. This will help you to make a buzz in the market about the place to capture more eyeballs.

Don’t Keep Calm & Launch in a Big Way: Visibility is one factor which grabs the attention of your end customers the most. These days most of the F&B brands want to make it big in a very short span of time and one of the attractive ways is launching your brand with a big bang. Inviting all food connoisseurs & experts, food bloggers along with Social Media Influencers at the launch event marks a big impact in the industry and makes the brand talk of the town. If you are not a big fish from the industry, then after success party is another thing that attracts attention from the people. It includes limited guest list.

Coming out of the Traditional Shell: Traditional PR is not something we as New Age PR/Brand Consultants pitch these days to any of the brands. Unless you will not come out of that shell, the brand recall value gets affected majorly. Suggesting and creating fancy invites, event/pop up ideas, food festivals, chef collaborations is something we work upon heavily now as demand for uniqueness is high. Brands always look out for “that” something extra in your work.

In loop with Social Media Marketing: Planning a Media & PR strategy will always mark a big impact if it will be promoted well on Social Media Platforms as well. These days Digital PR is something we deliberately focus upon along with traditional print and electronic PR as digital media always help a brand to grow massively on internet.

For achieving better results, we at Qube Communication usually develop custom practices as per audience insights and clients’ vision and expectations. We have our customized services when it comes to brand awareness, media coverage, online engagement, and sales conversion by integrating Public Relations, Social Media, Brand Consultation, and Digital Marketing.


Neha Bahl is a Young Delhi based Women Entrepreneur and founder of PR & Digital Marketing Agency “Qube Communication”. She holds over 7 years of rich experience in Media & Brand Communication and have worked with more than 25 F&B brands.


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