NRAI Aspires to Bring Indian Restaurant Industry to a Great Profitable Growth

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In a candit talk with Franchise India, Mr. Samir Kuckreja, President, NRAI, talks about NRAI\'s Pan India presence and its mission.
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Tell us something about NRAI’s pan India presence.

National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), a leading association for standalone and chain restaurants, was founded in 1982. We are the leading association of Indian restaurant industry and we represent both Indian and chain restaurants.

We have a PAN India presence with over 1200 members in 20 states comprising of restaurants, suppliers and educational institutions. A body governed by 25 restaurants, CEOs and owners actively work with me in running the NRAI.

What is the mission of NRAI?

We represent the interest of our members through advocacy with the Government, training for our members and also research a lot of industry events. Our mission is to advocate changes in the laws governing the Indian Restaurant industry to help grow the industry and create significant employment opportunities.

I have worked closely with states and cities to bring the issues faced by the industry that are local in nature. NRAI aspires to bring Indian restaurant industry to a great profitable growth.

How would you categorise the market?

The market consists of the chain market – anything which is classified into three restaurants or more. The standalone covers the very large part of market. Then of course comes the unorganised part – ‘dhabas’, and the roadside eateries – which are very popular.

Of the total industry, 70% is still unorganised. This has improved significantly because in 2010, 84% was unorganised. Some of the big names in unorganised food chains which are transforming into organised ones are Giani icecreams, and Khan Chacha. It is a positive sign that the food service industry is at Rs. 247, 680 crore, which is projected to grow to Rs. 408, 040 crore by 2018.

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