Molecule is getting 50% revenue from biz after 8PM

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In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Owners at Molecule, the new restro-bar in Gurgaon talks about the growing trend of meetings after 8 PM.
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Started by Manish Sharma, Varun Puri and Vivek Bhargava, Molecule has become one of the most trending places in Gurgaon to be. Within a short span of time this restaurant has attracted a good business coming from the corporate. Here are the excerpts from interview.

How is the business cafe different from normal cafes?

Normally there is very thin line between normal cafés and business cafés. Gone are the days when there had to be too much of the polite environment to do business deals. We feel and believe that the most intelligent decisions are made over drinks. Thus, we turn our normal cafés into business cafés by incorporating special deals, packages, separate PDR’s or we offer the space where staff would always be present to take the best care of your needs. But yes, we have to be sure about the service we are offering for pre booked business queries.

Who is the target customer?

Any working person and entrepreneur is our target audience. Being located in corporate hub Gurgaon, we enjoy footfall from all sorts of corporate and creative offices.

What are unique services provided at these cafes?

We at molecule are very particular about business package. We want our customers to take experience which gives them lot of reasons to keep coming back. We are blessed to also have brewery. The business post 8 is lot about meetings with dears over beers! We have package where we offer 4 beers at affordable prices. We also offer 20% corporate discount within our segment called business with pleasure. We also serve molecular signature cocktails and dishes as part of the business with pleasure package.

What is the revenue generated out of this concept?

Business over beers is definitely more profitable then business of Coffees. Our 50 percent revenue of total sales is dependent on business we do post 8 we our cafes. Though at the same time is difficult to filter business post 8 which is coming from meetings.

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Molecule is getting 50% revenue from biz after 8PM
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