Mixing traditional restaurant with European concept

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In an interview to Restaurant India, Naresh Madan, Co-Founder at Imperfecto shares about the idea of opening this restaurant.
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The brand

Back in 2006, the restaurant opened in our minds. We were constantly improvising the idea in our head and hunting out ways to implement it. In 2012, a year before opening our first Imperfecto, Spanish chef Nuria Rodriguez entered our lives and everything became crystal clear.

The idea

We are all travel junkies, we love to try new cuisines, explore what people from different parts of the world enjoy and finally, we wanted to bring it to the people of our country. With chef Nuria in our team (who is also an interior designer), we knew that the Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine should be an important part of our place, and even the name, Imperfecto. Why imperfection? Because we do not like routine, monotony... A crazy life full of imagination is what we love most.

Trading on location

Our first Imperfecto is located in Hauz Khas Village, the busiest locality in Delhi. The average footfall the restaurant gets in a month is over 10K+. But, in Cyber City - Gurgaon, where we opened our second Imperfecto in 2014, the average footfall in our place is even more.... We know that Indian people love to party, dance, enjoy the night, and we try to give them all that and more. We are not just a restaurant.

The food

We try to mix the idea of a traditional restaurant with European concept of pub where music plays a very important role. Dal Makhni Spaghetti, Mutton Rogan Josh Risotto - Imperfecto enough, isn't it?

Expansion plans

The plans are sky high; we are opening at more than 6 locations and moving to metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai too.Our new Imperfecto ventures, some of them are already worked upon, will arrive soon in Aero City (Delhi), JW Marriott (Mumbai), Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon.

Overcoming competition

There are some brilliant concepts in the market, and that is something that we like, because competitiveness pushes us to be better. But, as we always say: we are our own competition.

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"Competitiveness pushes us to be better"
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