Menu Tweaks a Pillar for Restaurant

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To come up, a restaurant has to be a good brand. The brand comes down to menu and adds value to your restaurant.
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Many a times restaurant focus on everything but they tend to forget creating a fingerlicious menu. Chef Mayank Tiwari, Chef de Cuisine, Olive bar and Kitchen, says “We change the menu at least three times in a year. We have a special which we change on a weekly basis. Some menus go through a more holistic change.”

Menu change is a very essential part of a restaurant kitchen to make your customer a comeback customer. All people in this world like experiencing new tweaks and these tweaks give them an amazing experience of changing taste.

On the other hand QSR chain like Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s and KFC tweak in their menu to make their international product a suitable product for the local Indian market thus bringing up Indianisation or localisation of foods.

“We introduced the pure Mc Donald’s burger by giving it the Indian Masala touch - the Mc Aaloo Tikki Burger, Chicken Mc Grill we insured right palate for right people”. “But our growth phase started in 2005 when we introduced varieties of menus, tweaking it according to Indian taste and this was what purely helped in getting the customer inside the door”, says Smita Jatia, Managing Director, McDonald's India (West and South).

Ameet Pahilani, Founder, Cafe Chokolade, says “Everything starts first with product. You can claim to be a successful chain only when you standardise the product, it’s the most important thing.

Many international restaurant chains in India are bringing change in their menu just to cater to local tastes.

Yauatcha, a London-based chain restaurant opened its first restaurant in Mumbai's Bandra-Kurla complex in 2012. Since the area is a hub of the business community, dominated by Jains and Marwaris, Yauatcha included vegetarian dishes in its menu.

During the Pune session, the Restaurant Congress, organised by Franchise India, the broad consensus among the panellists was that the market is large and there is enough space for food entrepreneurs looking at entering the restaurant industry in India. The increased competition will ensure that there is no place for complacency and this will drive players to offer better quality and services to the customer. The customer’s loyalty will lie in the hands of those who know how to deliver and appeal to their taste buds! Serving the right food at the right place to the right people will provide the recipe of the mouth watering business model.

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