Keventers to open 30 franchised outlet by 2016 end

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In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Aman Arora, Partner and COO, Keventers, shares why they are looking at franchising as a medium to grow.
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Keventers was started in 1922 by Edward Keventer, which had four factories in Delhi, Calcutta, Aligarh and Darjeeling. In 1940, he sold all his factories to three owners. Delhi and Aligarh factory was sold to Ram Krishna Dalmiya who is the grandfather of my partner. From 1940-1980s, we were basically the manufacturers of milk, milk powders, biscuits, ice creams etc. The factory was in Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri. Unfortunately, the factory got shut down in 80s as Malcha Marg got converted into a diplomatic zone. For the last 10-15 years, we weren’t operating at all and the business was run by distributors and franchisees only.

How has been the business after launching the brand again in May 2015?

The response has been great. We have opened six outlets so far. We are targeting the best locations around the city including Mall of India Noida, Pacific Mall Subhash Palace, Epicuria.

What about expansion of the brand?

We are aggressively looking at expanding the brand outside the Delhi market.  We will soon enter Jaipur and then expand to markets like Maharashtra and Hyderabad. We are focusing on franchisee to grow our business. We have already signed 5 franchisees and planning to sign over 30 by end of the year.

Why franchisee as a medium?

We believe that in order to expand and grow fast, franchising is the best and quickest medium.

What are the criteria you are looking for, in a franchisee partner?

We are looking for passionate people who are ready to grow the business. He may not be from hospitality background as we will provide all the trainings and equipments to run the business. The basic thing which we require from the partner is the commercial site selection of around 100-250 sqft.

From where did you source the milk for the freshly made milkshakes?

So far, we are present in Delhi-NCR. Hence, we have partnered with Mother Dairy for milk and milk products. But, as our products are fresh and are made daily, we will partner with local milk suppliers in each region we enter.

What is the ROI per outlet?

We are doing very good business. At our company owned outlets we are doing business of around 14-15 lakh per outlet per month. Whereas, the franchised outlet are doing 12-13 lakh per outlet per month.

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Keventers to open 30 franchised outlet by 2016 end
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