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In a telephonic conversation with Restaurant India, Kaustubh Naik, Owner, Retox– The Social Fix, shares about his passion for the hospitality industry.
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Born in Nagpur, Kaustubh knew about his love and passion towards the F&B industry from his early days. After pursuing his master’s degree in international hospitality from United Kingdom, he decided to come back to India where he established a specialized cocktail bar of his own. Excerpts from the interview:

Decoding the idea

The idea struck to me while I was working with a company in United Kingdom for six years. I was always ambitious towards the hospitality industry which inspired me to run a restaurant in the UK itself. I also gathered work experience from various pubs and bars and learnt about the nitty gritties of the industry, which would be beneficial to me at a later stage. This is how everything got geared up, and I established a venture of my own in this market.  

Story behind the name

We wanted to create a place where people can come and enjoy. Many people are working who are engaged in a tough schedule. So for the brain, it is a kind of detox as you are thinking only about work. The idea was to create a place where people can come and retoxify their brains by getting energy and loads of fun.

Changing trend of F&B industry

The industry is changing very rapidly. Nowadays, people are more aware, given the vast range of options available. With more travelling ventures undertaken than ever today the customer is provided with great knowledge about the happenings and trends regarding food industry. They have the vision to differentiate between the genuine products available in the market. Keeping this in mind, the restaurateurs are trying to keep on top of the game providing and satisfying customers with quality products.

Elements of decor

Retox is a unique concept where we have developed a bar for a person to dine. It’s like having a bar counter where tables can come out whenever a person wishes, allowing them to sit across each other enjoying the drinks and meal. Retox is unique in terms of interior and décor. We are a specialized cocktail bar where we produce and serve handcrafted cocktails to the customers which is very unique in taste and presentation. We have also introduced the concept of beer cocktail which is emerging as a trend in the international market.

Menu Designing

In the drinks, there is a large variety of cocktails followed by mocktails. Beer-tail is a unique addition to our menu making it more interesting. We were the first to serve beer cocktail in Pune and slowly the trend is catching up locally. We don’t have a very huge menu when it’s about the food segment. We have Tandoor, Mexican, Chinese, Oriental and Italian listed on our menu.

Challenges to be dealt with

There are a lot of challenges especially in terms of licenses. Recently, we faced six months of ban on alcohol from the government as our pub is in close proximity to the highway. So there are various kinds of challenges one has to face while being into this industry. Finding good staffs followed by getting the best quality of raw materials from the market are few other challenges I face.

Expansion plan

We have already launched our second branch which is called Coladas located in Pune. For now, I just want to focus on these two outlets. I’ll move pan India once I feel it’s the right moment for me to do so.

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