Is India Ready for a Silent Disco

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In an interaction with Restaurant India, Divij Bajaj, Owner, Headphones Lounge talks about his idea of establishing a full time silent disco.
  • Shahram Warsi
Restaurant India

Decoding the Idea:

I was born and brought up in Delhi. I had my schooling from Delhi after which I stepped up into having my own business. Production of power energy, dry shampoos and many others were my field of interests where I extended my hands. Coming from a non business family, things were quite difficult for me at the beginning. But with time everything took pace making my dreams convert into reality. The idea came into my mind when I visited United Kingdom with my brother for a vacation. We came across the concept there which attracted us a lot. We thought that there are many discos in India which are providing customers with loud music. And, why not take this concept back to our country where people can enjoy music as well as communicate with each other whenever they feel like. We felt that not all the people of various age groups like loud music. So, if one wants to enjoy it, they can put their headphones on and the rest can put it off enjoying the pleasure of talking with each other.

Décor and interiors:

The main element that I kept in mind while designing the interior was to bring the neon lighting concept into business. Neon lights, color and theme. Unlike every lounge which play with the amber color as their base, I decided to change this and experimented bringing the blue color as the base color for the ambience.

Trending on USP:

At Headphone lounge you will find soft music playing all the time supporting the ambience. But when it’s about the disco concept, we brought headphones which have three channels namely red, green and blue inbuilt in them. Green channel is for Bollywood, blue is for sufi whereas the green channel is for EDM. The dance fun is one of the unique features we provide to our customers. When people are wearing headphones, they travel into their own world dancing and singing loudly without realizing that the music is actually off outside their headphones. One can hear people singing different songs loudly and enjoying the moment.

Customer’s response:

Customer’s response is something which encourages us to try something unique each and every time. I see people coming here and enjoying to their fullest leaving the lounge with a great smile on their face.

Expansion plans:

We are planning to go PAN India. With great response and success of our two ventures located in Delhi I am slowly coming up with a plan to move across the country extending our chain. I am doing things slowly as I’m still learning things each and every day.

Marketing strategies:

I believe in word of mouth after the customer satisfaction and experience. I personally think that these are the elements which take you forward while running a venture in this food industry.

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“I believe in Word-of-Mouth Marketing”
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