“Indian food will never go out of fashion”

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With over a decade of experience in the industry, Chef Toshiyuki has expertise in handling operations, training, planning, developing and executing new concepts and various trends hotels. Talking to Restaurant India, he shares his love for Japanese food.
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A food walk

Food is an integral part of Japanese culture. Great emphasis is put in the flavours, texture and presentation. As a child I loved spending time with mom in the kitchen, learning more about cooking techniques and balance of flavours. I began MY culinary journey in 1997. Prior to joining JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar, I was the Japanese Head Chef of Saki Lounge Restaurant, Fairmont Hotel Cairo. I have been responsible for several kitchen operations at many prestigious hotels like Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Resorpia-Atami, Takakuraya, Kaikagetsu.

Emergence of western cuisine

I believe Indian food will never go out of fashion. End of the day, everyone wants to have simple, home-style food. However, yes there is an emergence of western cuisines in India. It’s got to do with more people travelling aboard, trying new cuisines, more people willingly to experiment and also exposure and more knowledge to western cuisines through media and web. The food scene in India is booming right now and the chefs too are willingly to take a chance by implementing innovation in their cooking styles and flavours.

Its healthy everywhere

Healthy is in. With people becoming more and more health conscious, use of super food is in fashion. Chefs substitute traditional recipes with healthy food options. Though, Indians love Italian and Chinese food. However, Japanese too is catching up with their palates.

Japanese food is healthy, fresh and has subtle flavours. Always the craft of plating Japanese food, wherein everything is ‘live’ in front of the guests is fascinating.

His cooking techniques

I stick to authentic flavors, however I innovate with ingredients.

Love for Indian food

I am still new in the city and honestly haven’t really tried many restaurants. However, I like the food at Romano’s, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar. Romano’s offers food just the way I like it, home-style food cooked with heart and soul by Chef Roberto.

Future innovations

Honestly right now my plan is to promote and focus on traditional Japanese fare. Promote flavours I have grown up on and familiarise the people of this city with the same.

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“Indian food will never go out of fashion”
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