India's first Pour Your Own Beer cafe to leverage the concept of pouring one's own beer

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A good news for the beer lover, Rush to \'The Beer Cafe\' and pour your own choice of beer
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Rahul Singh, the man behind launching country's first PYOB (Pour Your Own Beer) chain has changed the face of drinking beer in India.

The technology is taken from DraftServ USA. The cafe has 8-10 beers on tap that can be poured directly by the consumer using a special RFID activated card.

The customer will only be charged for as much beer they pour and they could try as many beers on the tap in the quantity they prefer. The card could be used at any outlets across the country.

The Beer Café is a very unique alco-beverage service chain. The chain has 15 outlets across the country and 18 more in the pipeline, looking forward to become the leaders in the industry.

The cafe presents an open terrace for the customers to enjoy their drink in a free environment where they do not have to pay any taxes and fines enjoying the nature.

In this image, you would see over 50 different varieties of beer that the cafe serve. The chain is also planning to increase both the overall number of bottled and draught beers. And are also introducing a new food menu that complements the beers available.

Here you can see how the customer is pouring his own choice of beer using a special RFID activated card. The Beer wants to expand to every neighborhood so that beer enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite international brews wherever they are.


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