Important Factors for Identifying the Apt Location for Your Restaurant

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A detailed market research will help you identify your rivals in the most crowded or isolated marketplaces.
  • Nibedita Mohanta Content Writer
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Restaurant business depends mostly on the kind of food served, the specialty of chef and equally on location. People often get lazy to drive to the outskirts or wait for special occasions to visit far of restaurants, which is why location should be chosen wisely keeping various positive factors in mind, to help your business grow.

Here is the list of important factors to consider before finalizing the location of your restaurant business:

RESEARCH: Before executing your plan to start your restaurant business, do a thorough market research. A detailed market research will help you identify your rivals in the most crowded or isolated marketplaces. Research should be done by visiting the places and looking into other factors rather sitting by the computer and shuffling pictures. As restaurants take time to make their own brand and for a new restaurant it is difficult to build a brand if the location fails to impress the customers or even fetch the customers.

SAFETY: Safety should be your first priority before finalizing the location. Safety includes if the area’s crime rate is high or low. Identify, how far the police station, fire station from your finalized location. Make a checklist on testing the material, used in making the roof/walls, if there is proper ventilation for the chimney or kitchen exhaust way. Also, check if you can arrange fire exit and elevator service in your restaurant or in the building where you chose to open your restaurant. There are physically disabled people, who love eating in the restaurant. So be sure to make proper arrangements for them or assisting them to the elevator.

PARKING: These days almost everyone has a car or scooter, people prefer going to restaurants with their family in their own car. So parking space is an important factor when it comes to setting the restaurant. People do not mind walking from the parking area to the restaurant but the distance should not be a mile away. Also if there is proper security to take care of the vehicles and parking. It becomes very clumsy when people park their vehicle randomly and later it becomes very chaotic atmosphere when vehicles start blocking the road.

ROOM SIZE: Sometimes while dealing with safety and parking space, there is very less space is left for setting the restaurants. No one likes to sit in the space below the staircase and sit uncomfortably while eating or waiting for hours to find an empty seat. That is why make sure that along with other arrangements, there is enough room for all the customers to sit comfortably and have their food.

While making room for customers, also make some effort in giving a healthy space for the kitchen staff, where they can prepare food at peace, instead of a confined space.

TRACEABLE: Even if one is not hungry, the sight of a restaurant with pictures of delicacies on the boards, while going back to home from office or shopping tempts the taste buds. So it is always a good idea to open a restaurant on the roadside. If the restaurant is next to traffic lights, where people get time to halt, it is even better because they get time to run their eyes around and make their minds up.

If you are setting your restaurant in a marketplace, where there are many restaurants and other shops already, give proper direction for the customer along with pictures of food.

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