How to organise a good \'Food Fest\'?

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Aligning the kitchen staff and the special chefs\' team to design is an important part to run a good fest at the restaurant.
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Everyone loves great food and when it is accompanied by some offers and deals it creates a win-win situation, both for the foodies and the restaurateurs. Indian restaurant has always showered great offers on their customers, and organising a food fest is the recent trend in the industry which is picking up at a great speed.

Readiness of food fest

Food Fests are organised for a change (in terms of the culinary experience) to people, who are normally engaged in their regular routines. Food fest themes are chosen keeping in mind the locality where the restaurant is located. The menu needs to be designed in consideration with the local taste buds.

Restaurant brands operated under five star properties like Taj Hotels, Lalit and ITC to restaurant chains like Barbeque Nation, Lite Bite Foods, Smoke House Deli and Grill are actively participating in organising various food festivals at their outlets.
According to experts, “To be fully prepared, we need to focus on the flavours and authentic chef support should be employed to provide the best food in town.”

Aligning kitchen staff
Aligning the kitchen staff and the special chefs’ team to design is an important part to run a good fest at the restaurant. When a restaurant plans to organise a theme-based food fest, it decides the best chef suitable for the menu being served. The brand has to ensure that chefs who can deliver the authentic experience are at hand or else they need to be hired (master Chef's).
However, chefs and food specialists also change inventories to accommodate special ingredients.

Best themes to adopt

The theme of the restaurant needs to be set as per the region of the food fest to ensure a complete sensory experience. The menu has to be designed keeping in mind the demand of the locals or the season the fest is being organised.

“Typically food fests are conducted keeping in mind the Clientele, season, local delicacies, festivals, special occasions and any world event(like football cricket etc.),” shares Kuldeep Dhawan, General Manager, My Fortune, Bengaluru.

Sometimes one needs to bring in props from the region to extend the look and feel of the fest. For example, Barbeque Nation is organising a sea food fest at its Bangalore outlet, where it prepares to turn into an entertainment hotspot with its ambience reflecting the deep blue sea. Visiting patrons will be welcomed ‘on-deck’ by pirate concierge. Games such as Making paper boat, Ring the Sword, Fishing Games and more have been added to the ambience to give it a beachside feel.

“Treasures of the Sea is Barbeque Nation’s endeavour to take its customers on a tour of the finest riches of the sea. Our special sea food festival has dishes that have been crafted by our expert chefs are sure to delight the taste-buds of seafood lovers. Our menu sports an array of lip-smacking dishes and we are delighted to present our guests an unforgettable culinary experience,” says Uday Menon, CBO, Barbeque Nation.

Making the most of it

As a Food Fest is decided typically two months in advance, one month goes in the evaluation of the challenges presented by the menu chosen, deciding on the chef for the fest and the treatment of the venue etc.

While the other month is focused on doing the preparations for keeping the basics in place, planning the guest lists, e-mailers and SMS’s are also sent to regular guests, who patronise with the restaurants alongside other marketing initiatives.

Vipul and Divya Gupta from Kathputli, which is organising a Rajasthani fest shares, “The Daal Baati Choorma Festival at Kathputli, a long celebration of Rajasthani food is our honest attempt to tease the tastebuds of food connoisseurs and expand the culinary horizon of the Rajasthani fare. At this festival, Kathputli promises authentic flavours from the kitchen of the newly appointed Trilok Maharaj”.

“Normally food fests are conducted keeping in mind the novelty factor. This is added to the fact that one needs to generate awareness and excitement. It all adds up to extra purchases and additional monetary spends, thus, limiting the profits one can make. If you consider that a Food festival is usually never more than for a fortnight’s duration, the ROI is very marginal,” adds Dhawan.

Thus, we can say that customers today seek the thrill of deriving maximum pleasure for their taste-buds. And these food festival menus do just that. Hence, December is the best time for these types of festivals. However, a food fest can be conducted in any month.

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