How this Small Town Restaurant is making Rs 50K daily

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In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, S R Chowdary Valluri, Owner at The Costa Grill restaurant share about starting a multicuisine barbeque restaurant.
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A B.Tech professional, Chowdary exited his job to drive his passion and founded his own restaurant with the help of his uncle in February 2016. Conjuring a cheerful ambience and gastronomically enticing flavours, he started The Costa Grill after a deep research of nine months creating a perfect dining experience in the city which was never known for its culinary repertoire. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

How it all began

The idea to start a restaurant was conceptualised in May 2015 and it finally got started in February 2016. It took us almost 8-9 months to work on concept, do in-depth research. Presently we are running only one outlet as it is a debutant restaurant. There were lots of challenges involved in opening the restaurant as we were new to the industry. The Costa Grill is a bootstrapped restaurant where the concept, design, the food and every little detail were conceptualised by me.

Overcoming challenges

Being in tier 2 city it was very difficult to set up the restaurant as we had to search for the right ingredients and raw materials and nothing was easily available. It was one of the major hurdles we faced. Even getting the right staff was difficult and it was because of the right labour our opening got delayed by 3 months which was supposed to be December 2015. People are not aware about Kakinada itself. So, coming there in search of a job is little difficult. It was a big challenge for me to get the people over there and made them work for long time.

Grilling it right

The Costa Grill is a multicuisine barbeque restaurant as you can’t really sustain opening a speciality restaurant in a small town. You need to offer variety to make your customer a comeback customer. When dining here we look to ignite customer senses through the aromas, presentation and flavour of any and every dish whipped up in our kitchen.

Catering to masses

We get around 200 footfalls on a daily basis with daily revenue of around Rs 50k. We cater to everyone who is looking out for a good barbeque restaurant. We are one of the first restaurants in barbeque genre which serves ala carte barbeque menu giving a wide variety to the customers. Getting the price reduced was the major motto. And, we have designed the restaurant in such a way that we put less money on the interior of the restaurant. We are serving a mix of North Indian, Oriental, Mediterranean barbeque.

Expansion plans

We do not see any competition in the market. We are planning to expand but after working on our concepts for another two years. At this point we want to grow our business and make it one of the top performing restaurants in the region and hence, we are using social media platforms and local media to promote our brand.

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