How technology platforms are helping restaurants?

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The platform integrates across these touch points to bring in a complete 360 view of the customer. These data points are used to drive automated campaigns.
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Restaurant Business in India is continuously growing at a CAGR of approximately 17.5 per cent from last two years. But getting the right business done by making the new customers a regular customer has become a problem for restaurant operators in the country. Getting the right feedback to acknowledging what they require in the service is unable to get cracked by the restaurateurs.

Challenges faced

Restaurants, today, are faced with challenges where by customer data is stored across multiple dashboards and has no co-relation. Besides, very few technology platforms are driven by ROI and help restaurant build their own CRM. And hence the restaurants are unable to achieve measurable ROI.


Mobikon helps restaurants drive more footfall and increase repeat business, through its simple to deploy platform, mEngage. The solution helps restaurants capture real time instore feedback and build customer history based on Reservation, Ordering, Spend and Feedback in minutes.

The platform integrates across these touch points to bring in a complete 360 view of the customer.  These data points are used to drive automated campaigns using our mReach platform which results in more footfalls and increased ROI.

How beneficial it is?

These types of platform tracks customer’s visits and engage them based on their past visit spend and review. Besides, it also tracks customer’s birthdays and anniversaries, wishes them automatically and drives more revenue for restaurant.

Investment made

A restaurant can avail these types of services at about Rs 2000 per month.

Who are some of your clients?

Its clients include brands like: Pan India Foods, Little Italy group, Billion Smiles, Pizza Express, Royal Orchid and many more leading brands covering 5 countries and over 32 cities with nearing 1000+ outlets. These platforms engage over 100,000 unique dinners per month and have powered over 1.5M reviews.

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How tech platforms are helping restaurants?
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