How online table reservation is turning big in India

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Today, everything is digitalized and even the hospitality sector is also following the same path.
  • Varun Gupta
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Friday makes everyone to relaxed and partyholic because of busy weekdays and on the arrival of weekend in metropolitan cities everybody wants a breathing space to celebrate their weekend but nobody wants to stand in a queue for their turn.

Earlier, it was a tough task because everyone wasn’t as savvy with the online world as they are now and nobody would look at reserving tables online, especially in India but the time has changed and so format of online booking came. Today restaurant industry in India has been growing at a rapid pace over the last decade or so and the growth story is set to continue for the next foreseeable future. While the restaurant industry has developed at a healthy pace in terms of technological advancements over the last few years, one area that still requires some work is the front desk and customer relationship management. The three key elements – reservations, waitlists and guestbook are still being managed either manually or by old, irrelevant systems in today’s time. This often results in a poor customer experience even when the food and ambience is great.

It all started when he was trying to get a reservation at one of the award winning restaurants in Delhi for few weeks but all his attempts were unsuccessful. Then he thought why there isn’t an online system to reserve tables at restaurants? Having spent considerable time in the US and experiencing such reservations platform over there, he strongly felt that this should be a novel idea for the Indian market and should have an immense potential, given the restaurant industry is growing at an enormous pace. Clicktable is a provider for real-time online table reservations for diners and reservation & guest management solutions for restaurants. It is an intuitive platform that helps diners avail amazing dining offers at best restaurants in the city. It facilitates smart dining by providing hassle-free reservations, best events & offers and ratings & reviews.

Today, everything is digitalized and even the hospitality sector is also following the same path.The time has gone when you have to wait for long hours in a queue for pampering yourself to take a good meal for yourself. In India many apps were launched by hospitality industry but nobody focused on table reservation. Hotel restaurants could capitalize right now by adopting online restaurant reservation technology that would boost their bookings quickly and economically. Apart from real time reservation they are providing the best restaurants list to us. These apps have signed up for this new system and surely reaping the benefits of this developing trend. Due to cut throat competition of upgrading the technology few hotel restaurants have direct online-booking capability. Through, they can increase the comfort level of customers, so that they can enjoy their meal without any hassle. The restaurant reservation system is definitely a blessing in disguise as it save a time of customers and fulfills their need with a one click.

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