How can restaurants re-engage lost customers

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Employee effort, building trust and confidence, overcoming word-of-mouth, and many others constitute together to get you a new client but loss happens for almost nothing at all. There can be many reasons, you might be loosing your customers to and here is....
  • Pallavi Singhal
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If you have been in business for a while I am sure you know why there is a need to read this article. Employee effort, building trust and confidence, overcoming word-of-mouth, and many others constitute together to get you a new client but loss happens for almost nothing at all. There can be many reasons, you might be loosing your customers to and here is how you can win them back.

Attractive advertising: One thing that is common between both getting the customers to visit you for the first time or to visit you again after losing interest in you is this. Effective advertising is engaging your audience consciously or sub-consciously in your brand. Use colours that are bold but gel well with the background attracting the attention of your customers. Your main agenda is to win them back and you can only do so by firstly, making them feel your presence. Posters, pamphlets and hoardings maybe traditional but are popular for some reason. Create a strategy and use it. Write down your strengths and create a tagline that appeals to your target audience.

E-mails that are creative: This gives them a sense of personal touch. Make them believe you care for them. Sometimes all it takes to win back lost subscribers is a cute, casual message that shows you’ve been paying attention to them – plus a little bonus, like free shipping or a discount to win back their hearts. Make something they cannot resist. Don’t be too flashy, be convincing. Use your graphics fully but carefully. Draw people back to you where they might be compelled to make a purchase. One of the best ways to win back lost subscribers is to remind them why they subscribed in the first place, and then ask them what you can do better.

Discount coupons: You most probably give discount coupons at some particular time of the month or every 30-60 days. Do not do that. Line them up according to each individual. This will prevent your loss and also gain you your lost customers back. Send them a free side or 20% discount coupon valid for a day or two. Create urgency. Send them special discounts for new items being launched in your restaurant. Discount coupons go a long way in bringing back the lost customers as well as in rewarding the present ones.

Host events: Make your restaurant a happening place. Hosting events does not cost much but attracts the audience massively. Arrange a movie night or a karaoke. Put up an open mic, or just invite a few local singers or comedians. This will not be heavy on your pockets but are sure to rise up sales.

Sponsor events: Sponsoring events is another way to reach the customers who have left you. Sponsoring the events your target audience attends will make them remember about you. Give out free stuff like t-shirts but ask them to wear it. Or give them badges if you cannot afford that much and put up an offer alongside such as, people who wear this to the restaurant get special discounts. This will work as free advertising for your brand and also convince people to visit you once again.

All this is sure to bring a lot of loyal customers your way. 

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