How are you pairing your food with alcohol

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Over the years, alcohol has come up as a major companion to food all credits to the ever evolving Indian palates which is undergoing a change.
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The food preferences of Indians are changing with more and more exposure to global world. Today, people like to travel to taste newer cuisines and experience food heritage. This goes same with the drinking culture as alcohol drinking is no more viewed as a taboo in the market. All thanks to the new age wave of bar and pub culture that’s setting a newer heights for the industry. From food being the preferred menu, restaurants today are doing a hell lot of beverages and innovative drinks to attract the new age customers who are more open to learning new vibes in the country.

“Younger people have more disposable opening and exposure to various brands and trends etc which makes it easier for them to accept new stuff. The audience is also more traveled so they know how alcohol works with food,” shares Chef Mitesh of Lemon Leaf.

Alcohol is becoming more and more important and it is no longer as a taboo with this generation. And, this is not enough, even families are becoming open about this and it’s becoming main stream. Today restaurants have an extensive bar menu and not because they want to focus on liquor but how well it goes with the food. For example restaurants like Kylin which serves Asian food love to pair their food with some drinks. “Kylin has always had an extensive bar menu at its restaurants. But the focus has been on not all liquor but specifically what goes well with Asian food. Beer and whiskey is what goes well with Asian flavours, however if you’re looking to pair Italian food with alcohol then wine is your go to liquor,” says Saurabh Khanijo Owner at Kylin SkyBar.

Over the years, alcohol has come up as a major companion to food all credits to the ever evolving Indian palates which is undergoing a change. As Indians become more well-travelled and well-versed in the ways of the world, their understanding of alcohol is also undergoing a transformation. Earlier alcohol was consumed for the effect but of late, people have noticed the taste and are trying to pair it up with food.

“At TANDDAV and Smokeys our team does recommend certain wines/malts/cocktails which we believe compliment a certain meats or dishes to enhance the experience for the customer,” adds Shiv Karan Singh of Taandav.

Going by the law

No matter alcohol is a major trend in India and people are accepting and enjoying it. Not only this business at Bar is the new trend that is attracting corporate to these bars and pubs. Gone are the days when people use to have some discussions over hot cup of coffee, today all the major decisions are made over a glass of wine. But, despite of all this changes that is ruling the industry these restaurants and bars need to have t least 10-15 licenses to make you enjoy your time.

“We respect the system and are in agreement with the formalities that are to be followed. It is hard, full of bureaucracy, but that is the way it is,” points Naresh who runs one of the happening cafe Imperfecto at Hauz Khas village.

Commenting on the same, Manish Sharma of Molecule Gurgaon, shares, “It is not difficult to go with the legalities if everything is fait and transparent. We are truthful to our work and deeds, Thus We as team face no difficulty.”

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