How This Lounge Is Catering Happiness To Delhites

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In a conversation with Restaurant India, Vineet Mittal, Owner, Raftaar Lounge talks about his love and passion towards the hospitality industry.
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Restaurant India

Born and brought up in Delhi, restaurateur Vineet always wanted to contribute to the food industry. Having the love and passion for food and beverages, he webbed the idea of providing people with a place where they can come and relax and can carry experiences back to home along with them. Excerpts from the interview:

How the idea of establishing your own venture came up in your mind?

The idea to do something of my own in this particular industry was always there in my mind. While I was growing up, I was amazed to see the hospitality industry and their service. It somewhere or the other attracted me moving towards this industry where I thought that I could offer something from my creativity. That is the moment when I came with an idea to start a lounge of my own. Initially things were really difficult as everything was completely new for me. I took baby steps while discovering things and finally came up with a perfect plan towards opening a venture of my own.

What inspired you to do something in the F&B industry?

Restaurants and cafes around me inspired me to step into this F&B industry. I loved to see people catering for their customers allowing them to enjoy their service at its best. I once heard a restaurateur speaking that everything is paid off the moment he see a smile on the customer face. The word struck in my mind which eventually led me to step into this industry where I can serve to them catering happiness and smile.

Why naming it as Raftaar lounge?

While I was planning about how to open my establishment, I took many suggestions and help from my friends and families. I wanted them to express their views on how they feel about lounges and bars. While everybody was sharing their views, a friend of mine asked me that ‘Aren’t you going too fast?’ I replied him by saying that things are not going at the pace you are thinking. I added that raftaar will be seen when ill open this venture in terms of business which will lead us to success. That’s how an idea came in my mind by naming my venture as Raftaar Lounge and bar.

What are the design elements that popped up in your mind?

 I wanted the place to be spacious so that people can feel the air inside the lounge. I wanted the ambience to be nice and quirky which can eventually attract people’s attention. From our walls to our floor, everything was designed by a professional designer whom we hired. I put my idea and he worked onto it and this is how the end result looks like. I personally added the use of yellow color lightning which attracted me from my childhood. Other than that everything was designed keeping the trend and market in mind.

How do you see the trend of F&B industry changing with time?

The industry is changing very rapidly. With the international and national brands competing with each other in the same market, innovations and experiments can be seen at a regular basis. The expectation of customer is changing with time and we have to respond to their changes. If not we can end up losing their faith eventually letting our brand down.  Also customers have become more advance having various kinds of knowledge about the products we have at our venture. In fact things are expected to change even more with the upcoming time.

What is the uniqueness of Raftaar?

The service and quality of food and beverage that we are providing is our uniqueness. As inspired, I am into making a place which can be a happy go to place for people where they can come and relax enjoying their leisure time. Raftaar is unique in its own way where it is trying to do everything to bring a smile on the people’s face.

What are your expansion plans?

It’s been more than a year since Raftaar is born. As mentioned earlier, I was taking baby steps while understanding this industry. Now we are planning to expand our little empire. We are looking to open two new outlets in Rajaouri Garden and the other in Gurgaon. There are other cities also in my mind like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Pune where I will be taking my brand in the upcoming time.

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