How Sodexo is changing the concept of meal vouchers in India

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In an interview to Restaurant India, Suvodeep Das, Vice President- Marketing at Sodexo BRS India talks about Sodexo's incentive plan.
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How Sodexo has evolved beyond just offering coupons to companies’ employees?

Sodexo has been a leader in meal benefit segment, operating in India since past 20 years. The company launched a digital meal benefit card in 2016 and has recently launched a mobile payment solution as well.

As digital happens to be the key focus for Sodexo, what initiatives have been planned or are in pipeline for digital push?

The Sodexo group has 60% of its business in digital form and uses the latest technology to deliver word-class services globally, including India. The Sodexo meal card can be used for fast, secure and reliable transactions at 15,000 outlets across 1500 cities in India. There are a host of new solutions in the pipeline.

What growth prospects you see in India five years down the line?

The massive digitization drive in the world’s fastest growing economy that has a 260-million strong middle class augurs very well for the country. Sodexo will continue to introduce new employee benefit solutions and partner CHROs across thousands of organizations and help accelerate their clients’ growth in India.

How Sodexo is aiming to tap the semi-urban or remote areas of work?

Our expertise recognized by 3 million daily consumers. Our merchant network is already present across 1500 cities in India, going right up to tier 3 cities. We are targeting the small merchants by enabling solutions for them that will help their business grow and give them visibility online in the wake of retail digitization.

How has demonetization helped India business?

Sodexo meal cards & vouchers were readily accepted for purchasing food & non-alcoholic beverages even when cash was scarce. A lot of our clients offered their employees additional vouchers/ load on their meal card during Nov/ Dec 2016 to help them buy essential food and grocery for their families.

Any India specific innovation you are looking at or have developed?

We are working on a host of India-specific solutions; these will be launched in the near future.

How Sodexo is engaging with new age start-ups?

Sodexo is working with several Indian startups on innovative solutions for all our stakeholders – clients, consumers and merchants. These projects are confidential but will be launched in the near future.

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